Italia: Undercover Investigation about factory farming under water!




Very often, almost every day, we reported on the suffering and torture of animals in conventional factory farming.
Did we forget the fish?
No! that’s not the case, it is only because there are very few documents about fish, because the undercover investigations under water are very difficult.

In Europe, about 74 million tons of marine animals worth 120 billion euros are raised in aquaculture. An Italian organization wanted to know under what conditions.

And what they found is scary.

The Essere Animali Organisation has documented intensive fish farms for the first time in Europe. From here comes most of the fish consumed by Italians.

These pictures in the video do not come from Asia but from Italy. Italy produces 185,000 tonnes of fish every year – 12% of the total catch from Europe.

With hidden cameras they have discovered farms similar to those for meat, millions of fish locked up in cages, manipulated and transported as if they were objects. They are not even allowed to stun before death: they are left agonized for long minutes. That of fish is a silent suffering on which it is urgent to intervene.


In order to meet the enormous demand for fish, Germany and Europe depend on the import of fish products. But fish is also produced in Europe under brutal conditions. Already today almost every second fish comes from a breeding. Ascending trend.

Essere Animali is an animal welfare organization in Italy. For the first time, they have been able to capture shots of underwater factory farming in Europe. These are brutal practices in an industry that has been largely unregulated so far.

Claudio Pomo, a co-founder of Essere Animali, who shot the film, said, “Fish farms are simply underwater farms, but with more serious animal welfare issues. No law or EU regulation protects fish, and after spending their lives in a crowded cage, millions of them suffocate slowly and painfully every year. ”


The video shows separate “schools” of sea bream, sea bass and trout being pulled out of tight nets before being thrown into plastic containers and slowly suffocated. Many spend their last moments helpless on the floor.


Some of the surviving fish are stifling very slowly because it takes them up to an hour to end up in an ice-filled container at the slaughterhouse until they are finally slaughtered.

The images show that fish are beastly tormented: slow suffocation, bruising, tormenting and brutal killing are commonplace. Fish cruelty is also the reproductive methods and transportation of live animals through pipes and trucks. Also, fish roe are squeezed out of some fish.
Roe is the whole of the mature eggs of female fish.

fischeier pressur

In 2009, EU Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou said there was “enough scientific evidence to suggest that fish are sentient beings and that they are experiencing pain and suffering.”

The EU Commission in a report in March 2018 stated that there are serious abuses in the factory farming of fish (aquaculture).

But EU sees no further need to protect fish.

The Commission justifies this by saying that the welfare of fish could also be achieved through ‘voluntary measures, as demonstrated by the industry’s improvements in recent years’!!

Please sign the petition:


My comment: The fish are also animals, they feel pain, fear and they also have emotions. Although fish do not scream, when they are in pain and fear, their behavior should be proof enough of their suffering if they are skewered or caught in the net. They fight to escape, showing that they have a will to survive.

That fish are capable of emotions is certain from our present state of knowledge, and the following video makes it more than clear.

My best regards, Venus



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