Colombia: adios hobby murder!


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After Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Botswana, Oman, Costa Rica (2012) and many other areas now also in Colombia. The Colombian Constitutional Court made a groundbreaking decision for the animals: It declared the hobby hunting unconstitutional. On this basis, one year after the court ruling, a ban on hobby hunting in Colombia will come into effect.

According to the responsible judge, hobby hunting violates the constitutional protection of the environment: ” It is constitutionally not allowed to kill or torture animals just for fun […] because that does not correspond to the duty or the constitutional mandate to protect nature […]. “


He also pointed out that animals are sentient beings. Previously, the Colombian Ministry of the Environment had already stated that this form of hunting only serves to entertain hunters and causes animal suffering.

Advocate and animal rights activist Laura Santacoloma has filed a lawsuit seeking to declare hobby hunting unconstitutional, as it violates Colombian laws on the care and protection of wildlife and the environment. Judge Antonio Jose Lizarazo agreed and ruled: “It is constitutionally not allowed to kill or abuse animals for recreational purposes only”.

Jäger im Hochsitz

The motive of killing an animal for fun or for food is another.

Animals are not things, they are beings with feelings.

Colombia, is the country, after Brazil, with the world’s largest biodiversity.

This decision will save the lives of countless deer, doves, ducks, rabbits, umbels and other animals. Fortunately, those who want to “shoot” animals in Colombia in their free time will soon be allowed to do so only with the camera!

My comment: And these are the “third world” countries!!!
Here in “first world” country, in Germany, we have 380,000 hobby-hunters and only about 1,000 of them are professional hunters, especially forestry officials. 380.00 hobby killers kill up to 6 million wild animals a year. For fun!!

Jäger der mit ofenen Arsch sitzt_n

First of all, we have to make one thing clear: the goal of the hunt is the executions!

The hunt is the terror of a miserable minority of 0.45% of the German population against defenseless animals.

And this terror takes place in front of our houses, in front of our children, costs the lives of our pets, happens in nature, in meadows and fields we look forward to when we go for a walk.

A civilized country is not understood as such when it brutally massacres 500,000 foxes or 100,000 wild boars each year, and proudly appears in the media as a potent execution gang.


A civilized country is understood as such when it feels and practices respect, compassion and protection for each animal species.

Because that would mean that such a society preserves the feeling and / or the principle of humanity towards its members.

Those who kill animals for fun loses the feeling of humanity at the same time.

Hunting leads to bestiality and dehumanization.


My best regards, Venus

One thought on “Colombia: adios hobby murder!”

  1. amen. animals feel and hunting is an unfair “game”. One does not look manly or tough when they harm innocent beings, they just look heartless. Our society has been programmed to see sentient beings as here for their entertainment and exploit. People like us are still around and that warms my heart to see!


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