Spain: the Passion story of the Galgos


To Galgo Day, 1 February




Spanish greyhounds, also known as galgos, are bred for the traditional hare hunting. These greyhounds, which are up to 70 km / h fast, rushed in the open area on hares. In this form of hunt, in which the prey is usually caught and killed by the Galgo, is not shot at the hunted animals. Not infrequently, this hare hunting is also practiced in the form of competitions in which the fastest or the most elegant Spanish greyhound is awarded.

jäger mit galgospg

For the survival of this animal-suffering tradition, hundreds of thousands of four-legged animals are brutally exploited.

galgo nach der jagdsaisonn

From birth, the sensitive dogs are trained for the hunt with cruel methods and repeatedly abused terribly. Many animals are kept in dark cellars or sheds. Others in small crates, tons or old cars.

galgo in Keller

There they stay and wait hungry for the owner, who brings some water and food once a day. Just enough that the animals do not die. But for some love or affection they wait in vain for a lifetime.

When the hunting season is over at the beginning of February, the Galgos’ suffering history reaches its sad climax: animals that are no longer producing are disposed of ice cold by their owners.

aufgehängter Galgon

Actually unbelievable, but despite years of mistreatment hang the four-legged friends to their people. However, sad eyes, tears and pleas are no good – the owners do not show any sympathy for their loyal greyhounds.

The hunters starve the galgos, bury them alive, hang them on trees, drag them to death by car or throw them into deep wells. When the dogs are “lucky” they end up with broken bones in the street.

Massengrab von Galgos _n

Around 50,000 galgos are disposed of this way every year.

The discovery of about 100 skeletons of galgos on a former rubbish dump in VILLATOBAS ( TOLEDO)  in 2009, is another cruel proof of how much these animals in Spain must suffer. Many of these murdered dogs still have a rope around their necks, a clear indication that they were hanged.

An obviously new way to get rid of their “beloved” dogs, mostly hunting dogs, is this: they are tied to rails to be killed by a train! In Seville and in the villages, dozens of carcasses still tied to the tracks have been found! Some were shattered by the train. The Seprona (Nature Protection Service) has started an investigation. Some of the some 20 dead dogs are marked with chip. PACMA (the Animal Protection Party of Spain)  has filed a complaint with the Justicia y Defensa Animal and FADEA platforms.


This case is happened in Seville and  documented in February 2018.

“Spain is the only EU country where hunting with Galgos is still allowed”, criticized David Rubio, spokesman for the national platform “No a la Caza con Galgos – No to Hunt with Galgos” (NAC). “In other European countries, this has been banned decades ago.” The Spanish shelters are crowded – with galgos, but also with other dog breeds.

Animal welfare in Spain, the traditional land of bullfighting, is still largely irrelevant.

For example, in Spain’s Civil Code, animals are still defined as “things,” not as living things

But the protest in Spain is intensifying: in a petition titled “Galgo Massacre” to the European Parliament, animal rights activists call on EU politicians to “stop hunting with Galgos in Spain.” An international petition on the Internet platform has now been signed by more than 129,000 people.

Petition, with english text too, Please sign it too!:


My comment: For four months, from 1 October to the end of February, hunts and coursing, always running, rushing, chasing, alone, in pairs, in pack, four months maximum performance. And high performance demands tribute. Your dog is too tired? Take another! Your dog is too slow? Take another! Your dog was injured? Take another! It’s all about honor, it’s about pride, no galguero can handle two dogs, on average, one galguero uses 10 to 15 per season …
The young dog that is too slow,  is sorted out.

The dog, who gets injured or becomes ill, is sorted out.

The dog that gets older, too smart, or too slow to hunt behind the rabbit, is sorted out. The dog, whose puppies are not good enough, is sorted out.

Sorted out …

That’s Spain too!
The welcome myths from the media and travel catalogs have bombarded us for years with slogans and national myths that Spain is a fascinating country :

the Spaniards know to eat, the Spaniards know to live, to love, to enjoy!!!
Spain, the nation with “el temperamento de pura raza”! Go for Vacation in Spain!
And so today Spain can (almost) live from tourism, which it does not deserve.
A country with bullfighting as a cultural heritage, a country with an annual galgos massacre of 50,000, a country with the most brutal tradition in bull torture in Europe  (Toro de la Vega, Toro del Fuego, San Fermín days … etc) such a country deserves tourism boycott!


My best regards, Venus


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