The sad life of Tsavo in isolation

Nashorn-Tsavo Circus-Krone--

On March 5, the 44-year-old rhinoceros Tsavo died in Circus “Krone” in Munich, Germany. He suffered from digestive problems for a long time and had lost 300 kilos in two months. The white rhino was the last of its kind to be displayed in a German travel circus. For the past forty years it has been kept under miserable conditions for entertainment.

Tsavo was condemned to a life of loneliness for economic reasons. As so often in the circus industry, he had to entertain the audience almost to the last breath in the ring.

Tsavo – Stations of a passion

Tsavo was probably born in the late 1970s in a South African national park in freedom, before he came in 1978 as a tomboy to Germany.
Since 2008, the rhinoceros bull was at Circus Krone, Germany, previously he was put on show for decades in the Circus “Barum”, also Germany.
Although rhinos are loners in nature, they also have contact with conspecifics, at least during the mating season. However, for decades Tsavo was kept in complete isolation and deprived of all social contactshe died lonely.


The animal welfare organization “Four Paws” has no words of comfort for the Circus “Krone” left after the death of the rhinoceros bull Tsavo, on the contrary!

Despite the massive weight loss, the rhino has been on tour with the Circus until recently, according to a statement.

Tsavo mit Dompteurpg

“Tsavo was gawped and applauded, standing on bare concrete for days, carting from town to town in a small wagon, even though he was always surrounded by humans, he died alone, because he did not know any fellows,” says Thomas Pietsch of “four paws”Organisation.

The association renews in the statement the demand to the Federal Government after a keeping-ban of wild animals: Proper attitude is not possible in a driving enterprise. A modern and contemporary circus must be able to do without animals.

The veterinary specialist for zoo and wildlife, Lendl, is nevertheless convinced: “There was certainly some disease under it that we could not find.” She suspects a “mechanical obstacle” such as a tumor or intestinal entanglement. To find the exact cause of death, the carcass is now being autopsied in animal pathology – which may take weeks due to size.

For those affected by Circus “Krone”, Tsavo’s death is like that of a family member (!!!), Lendl said. It may be a comfort to them that Tsavo has been stable and painless in the past few days!!!

In its already third Resolution, the Federal Council called for a ban on circus wildlife, which the Federal Government has not yet met. In 27 European countries, including for example Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Greece, certain or all species are no longer allowed in the circus, while in Germany species such as giraffes, primates and even hippos in circus operations are subjected to constant stress on trucks. According to a representative forsa survey conducted in May 2014, 82 percent of Germans believe that wildlife can not be kept in a species-appropriate manner in the circus. The Federal Chamber of Veterinary Medicine is also in favor of a ban.

My comment: Apart from many countries in Europe, Bolivia, China, Costa Rica Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Israel, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore (so-called “third world countries”) have already banned the carrying of certain species of wild animals in circuses.
Germany continues to lag behind.

Because circus companies repeatedly violate the Animal Welfare Act, many cities and towns are trying to limit the performance of circuses in their catchment area.
Although the Federal Council already voted in favor of a wildlife ban in 2003 and 2011, the Federal Government has failed to introduce such a ban for years.

The incompetent politicians simply let the circus animals down.


And until the German politicians stop protect the tormentors businessmen of the circus,  the elephant will  be tortured to make his ridiculous headstand, the bear will further roll out of fear of the whip on the ball, and the lion will jump through the burning tires, under the threat of the electric shock.
And so they are transported from one place to another until they are dead.

My best regards, Venus

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