A message of friedship


Today we got a very nice, sensitive message of friendship.

We would like to make this news public and say “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts.



It’s nice to know that in our fight for the rights of animals we have compassionate readers and supporters by our side.

That gives us strength and courage to keep going.

We endeavor to enlighten and to inform about the suffering and misery of our animal comrades correctly.

We do everything to remain politically correct and objective because we believe that this struggle has become more political than ever.

We continue, everyone as he can and ALL together.

Because without us the tormentors would have had it much easier.

Best regards to all, Mark and Venus


Dearest friends Venus and Mark, true friends to the animals. I had written a little message to you here when this posting first arrived, but I was unable to get it to post.. my error in not knowing what I was doing. I wanted to thank you both for the great good works you are doing… and to let you know that my husband and I stand in strong solidarity with you on behalf of the animals. It is a continuous hell for the animals with all that man’kind’ inflicts upon them, and few are the voices and hearts that speak up for them. Thank you both for the tremendous work you are doing and for being a compassionate and powerful voice for the animals. Always for the animals’ liberation, Carol…

One thought on “A message of friedship”

  1. You deserve this letter, helping animals in any way is selfless and shows how beautiful your souls really are.

    I always say to my kiddos, if there are bad people out there, I bet there are even more people like us to help those they’ve hurt.


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