India: March Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited. Please Donate If You Can.


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Dear Mark, 

We are deeply honoured that Animal Aid Unlimited was featured in Psychology Today, when world-renowned scientist Dr Marc Bekoff used our recent rescue video Anguished mother dog wails for wounded baby. Sweetest Reunion! to highlight the profundity of animals’ emotions. Marc Bekoff is famous for his contributions to the science of animal behavior, animal psychology and to deepening our awareness of the complexity of animals’ emotions and has collaborated extensively with Jane Goodall. Bekoff said our video “could form the foundation for an entire course on the emotional lives of dogs and other animals. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and my impression after watching this video more than 15 times is that it’s worth countless words, and also could form the basis for an entire book.”

Friends of Animal Aid know how deeply animals feel, how clearly they can think, how intensely they can worry and love. It’s so wonderful to know that Marc Bekoff’s work helps the general public realize that much more keenly the truth about animals’ emotions. You can read the whole story here.


Cuddles: Rescuing a cutie pie in pain

The saddest little sweetheart sat frozen in the road, her pain so intense she couldn’t even drag herself to her mother. We brought her to our hospital expecting a fracture, but were delighted to discover that although her wound was really painful, her hip was sprained, not broken. A few days of rest, tasty food and lots of affection were just what the doctor ordered, and this love bug couldn’t wait to be back on her feet so that she could start playing again. Meet Cuddles now. Please donate today for happy new beginnings.


Surgery saved Maxine when her
lung was perforated and exposed

Air billowed out of the wound with every breath she took, and she cowered in a thicket, hiding and confused by pain. With a de-gloving wound over her ribs and a punctured lung, we didn’t know if this old girl could survive such a trauma. We rushed her into emergency surgery, inserting a tube to re-establish negative pressure, thoroughly flushed the wound and began the several layers of sutures that we hoped would save her. We would wait for several days before we knew if she would make it. But her extraordinary will to live was even bigger than her wound. Watch beautiful Maxine today.

And to help the sweetest older dogs who are out there now, please donate today.


Rescue of adorable puppy with crushed leg  

Cherry’s leg amputation isn’t what this story is really about. It’s about how astoundingly sweet and almost you can say “gracious” this little one was through a shattering experience. We got the call that a puppy had been hit by a car and her leg was injured. But we’d never seen anything like this–her leg completely crushed and her face–so bewildered, so utterly vulnerable, engulfed by pain and yet trying it seemed to be just the best little patient she could possibly be. She had lost so much blood that we needed to give her 24 hours of IV fluid to build her strength enough to–we hoped–survive surgery and save her life. Cherry’s loving nature inspired everyone around her–to love.

Please donate. Because you can save a beautiful little life today.


Shocking rescue of dog impaled by steel rod (with happiest ending!)

You have to see this to believe the horror for a dog who got impaled by a steel rod at the base of an electrical pole, upside down, dangling and pinned by the rod which pushed right through her abdomen, almost out her back. She must have jumped from a ledge in the dark and landed on the rod, where she trembled in unthinkable pain until our rescue team, horrified at this ghastly sight, literally slid her backwards and up off the foot long rod to free her, in fear that she would die any moment. 

You will believe in miracles when you see this astounding rescue and within a month of medical care, Queen’s complete recovery.  Help us get there for those who have no time to lose. Please donate.  


At first we couldn’t see how massive his wound was

From a distance, this sweetheart’s wound looked like caked mud covering his backside. But when we examined him in the hospital we found to our horror that maggots had bored tunnels around his tail in a massive wound the size of a frying pan–and the pain this boy had endured was beyond imagining. Even cleaning the wound took hours but from the moment we started flushing with saline, the healing had begun. Meet Chipper now!

Sometimes love begins with “I can help.” Please donate.  


Some amazing rescues and recoveries;

Please donate if you can;

Regards Mark.

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