Paris: Horror documentation from the lab


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The monkeys were used for experiments on the brain, for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. The video shows macaque monkeys in sterile cages, the irreverent handling of the staff with them and preparations for brain experiments.
The French organization “Animal Testing” took pictures with a hidden camera in the basement of a hospital in Paris. The suffering of the animals in animal experiments is immense.

The laboratories are massively scrapping and doing their utmost to ensure that the horror does not reach the public. Authentic images are extremely hard to come by and only possible through such undercover actions as shown here. Animal experiments are cruel and unnecessary!

Affe mit Eektroden im Kopfjpg

The monkeys live for years in cages of about one cubic meter.

They only come out for the experiments
They do not see daylight
They are made artificially ill and live with implants in their skullcap.
These pictures in the Video were filmed in the basement of a Paris hospital.

To develop Parkinson’s disease, monkeys are poisoned with the Nerve poisont MPTP.
Unable to feed themselves, they must be stuffed.
A researcher calls this “just about to die”.

They are kept in individual cages and poisoned.

A monkey is blind for unknown reasons.
He sits dejectedly in his cage, and is no longer used for research.
He spends his life in this cage without getting out.
The researcher believes that “this will end badly”

(Translation of the Video- dialogues between the laboratory technicians in the laboratory):

“The problem with the MPTP is that they can not eat anymore.
Therefore, you are forced to cram them.
If you look at them, they are about to die.
They are completely stretched down.

-Yes! this one has big problems
-Is that the one who sees nothing anymore?
-Yes exactly! This morning an ophthalmologist came..
-To take care of his eyesight?

-Well, yes .. not to treat him, but to determine what he has.
-But then he does not work anymore?
-No no.
-He does not do anything anymore?
-Yes, I think that will end badly.
-Yes, that’s for sure!”

Some monkeys refuse to participate in the experiments.
A researcher calls a monkey the last dirt

(laborant): “The females are really poison gnomes. These are already 11 years. And this is really the last thing.
He could easily do the job (!!!)
Only that he does not feel like it. It looks like he’s doing 4-5 tries, and the moment you say, “Let’s do it, you’re kidding us, we’ll stop,” and Hopp! He makes 3-4 attempts again, he stops again, starts again, stops again”…

Fixing chair


The monkeys get used to them by denying them water and food.
This is the phase of mental breakup of the animal.
This may take a week or more, until the monkey accepts to put its head out of the chair and be fixated on the neck.

(laborant): ” Here .. I had a lot of problems with him, he was very unruly.
When you open that part of the chair, the animal voluntarily sticks its head out. The first time they do it, and then you close.
They have then focussed the head outside, and are not free in their movement.

monkey-on chair-05

The first time they are so fooled, after a few weeks you can not do it anymore, because they know what happens to them.
And it’s right when you break, it is just right to break the monkey!


Yet (a monkey) took a week to do that. He did not eat for a week.

( Laboratory assistant ):  -Its hard! And there is only this possibility ? …
-Yes! there are only these”!

This is how the daily life of monkeys in the Parisian laboratory is depicted.
The monkeys suffer in this lab for an average of 10 years!


Trepanation or craniotomy is a surgical procedure in which a circular hole is drilled in the skull to approach the brain. At all the monkeys you will see, a trepanation has been made.

rhesusaffe-tuebingen“At her, the implant was used shortly before the holidays.
This animal is still very young, so he just arrived. He has already been implanted.
There is also a little boy who has arrived recently.
This is one of mine, but unfortunately he has lost his impantation.
This one was on yesterday, so it is isolated.
Unfortunately, a craniotomy was performed on him, you can see that he has his fixation implant, it’s the one in front.”

MPI Affe 3

Experiments on eyesight

A monkey is moored in a fixation chair: hands, feet and neck are fixed.
He has to respond to signals on a screen in a box, and receives water as a reward.
The researchers observe his behavior on a screen.

But on that day, the 11-year-old monkey refuses to submit to the experiment.
He closes his eyes, the researchers laugh.
They say a “war of nerves” with the animal is waiting for them.

(laughter in labor)

-Do you notice that the monkey mocks you?
-Exactly! Because he does nothing?
-He gets that on the screen. That makes 27 attempts in 2400..that makes 20 minutes..ah … sorry .. it’s 40 minutes So 27 attempts in 40 minutes, he should normally have done in 340 minutes ..300 / 400 attempts.
And here you see that he just closes his eyes. He shows: “I’m annoying you”!
-Yes! now he starts to move to his chair and ..
-Yes! he gets nervous.
That’s the phase of the confrontation. Nothing happens anymore. A nervous was.
Exactly, it was a nerve, that’s it.
And then you have an 11 years old monkey. In my opinion, you are not bringing anything new to an old monkey”!!

This Parisian institute still carries out its experiments.

affe in stuhl pg

Witness call – PLEASE SHARE!
Students, researchers, zookeepers, veterinarians, laboratory workers: you are witness to abuse, suffering, or difficult experiments. Report to us!

Further Information:

#ÄrztegegenTierversuche #gegenTierversuche #Tierquälerei #Tierrecht #Tierschutz

My comment: the witness call the organization “doctors against animal testing” is very innovative and an excellent idea. Hopefully, this idea will be followed by other organizations around the world.
We need civil courage. We all have to have that.
Especially in this area only courageous laboratory contributors can make this torture public when they report it.
Do not hesitate, have courage, contact the organization, report about the crimes of the psychopats!!

My best regards, Venus




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  1. Ban Experiments On All Animals And Release And Cure Them All Now !!!! Do Experiments To : The Worst Criminals OR Animal Killer Abusers IF Must Do !!!!


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