USA: Trump Doing His Usual; Money Talks and Sod the Rest – Opening Up the (Alaska) Arctic Refuge for Oil and Gas Drilling.


Trump alaska wildlife refuse


Imagine the deafening sound of dozens of 90,000-pound “thumper” trucks shooting violent tremors through the ground.

Now, imagine them barreling over the dens of mother polar bears and straight through the birthing grounds of wild Porcupine caribou.

This will be the terrible fate of Alaska’s serene Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the very last unspoiled wild places left on our planet, if we allow President Trump and Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to throw open this sanctuary to oil and gas drilling.

NRDC is mounting a powerful counteroffensive using all of the tools at our disposal — and step one is raising a public outcry so loud that we can’t be ignored.



Add your voice now: Tell President Trump and Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt that the Arctic Refuge is NOT for sale.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to polar bears, caribou, wolves, and migratory birds from all 50 states, and vital to the culture and survival of the native Gwich’in people, who have depended on this land for thousands of years.

And with temperatures in the Arctic rising at twice the rate of the rest of the planet, the Refuge’s fragile habitat is ground zero for global warming.

But even with so much at stake, industry allies in Congress voted for the first time ever to open up the Arctic Refuge for oil and gas drilling — and the Trump administration is now fast-tracking plans to auction off the land to the highest bidder.

Lobbyist 1

The Interior Department could slow or reconsider these plans, but Acting Administrator David Bernhardt — a former oil lobbyist — has made his priorities clear: Drive up profits for his fossil fuel allies, even if it means destroying the Arctic Refuge forever.

The Senate will soon vote on Bernhardt’s nomination to become the official Interior Secretary. And if confirmed — which is likely — his and President Trump’s attacks on wild places like the Arctic Refuge will continue unabated.

And if the Trump administration isn’t stopped, lease sales for drilling in the Refuge’s pristine coastal plain could begin this year, resulting in an industrial wasteland of rigs, roads, pipelines, and toxic waste pits.

We must make our voices heard. Demand that President Trump and Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt stop their destructive plans to sell off the Arctic Refuge.

Trump alaska wildlife refuse

Protect the Arctic Refuge

Mark, this is the fight of our lifetimes — once the Arctic Refuge is handed over to Big Oil, there’s no turning back. With your support, we’re fighting on multiple fronts: Mobilizing massive public opposition, arming the national media with the facts, battling in Washington, and getting ready for court.

This land cannot defend itself. Mark, the reason the Arctic Refuge still exists as a protected wildlife sanctuary is because NRDC, our allies, and supporters like you have raised our voices together and fought for decades to keep it that way.

This is the closest Big Oil has ever gotten to invading the Arctic Refuge — and we need as many people as possible to stand strong and speak out in its defense.

trump liberty pissed off

It’s now or never: Tell Trump and Bernhardt that you strongly oppose destroying the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

We need you standing with us.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC

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