Canada: Canadian hunters want to club tens of thousands MORE baby seals to death in cull expansion.

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Justin Trudeau

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Canadian hunters want to club tens of thousands MORE baby seals to death in cull expansion.

Following on from our recent post –

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We now have further news on the seal cull in Canada – this is from the ‘Independent’ newspaper which is based in London:

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Hunters in Canada want to be allowed to club to death tens of thousands more baby seals each year in an expansion of their annual cull.

Hunting groups are lobbying the country’s government to approve a wider slaughter of seals and sea lions for their fur – including in a nature reserve.

Justin Trudeau

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The proposals have prompted anger from animal lovers and fresh lobbying of prime minister Justin Trudeau – who already reportedly receives more correspondence on the subject than any other, even climate change.

But scientists dispute that culls help salmon and cod stocks, warning any fall in whales’ prey could lead to the giant mammals starving.

“Seals are being used as a scapegoat, just like whales were once blamed for fishery declines,” Hal Whitehead, a marine biologist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, told The Guardian

Demand for the fur plummeted after the EU in 2009 banned imports following uproar over clubbing, and hunters are now trying to compensate for lost income.

About 6,000 fishermen, mostly from Newfoundland, join the annual hunt.

Experts say a small market for seal oil exists, and seal parts are sold in Asia as an aphrodisiac.


Click on the Independent link to read the full story and see video footage.


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One thought on “Canada: Canadian hunters want to club tens of thousands MORE baby seals to death in cull expansion.”

  1. Well, I agree that boycotting nations that tolerate such massacres of helpless creatures can be a good system. Unfortunately, let’s look around: are there still “clean” nations that prohibit animal crimes? In truth, I have very strong doubts….


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