Australia: upcoming murder of 10,000 camels




As The Australian reports, 10,000 camels will be shot over five days from Wednesday. This will happen in the local administrative area of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY), an Aboriginal community in the state of South Australia. The area is two and a half times the size of Switzerland, but only around 2500 people live in the area.

The order to fire was given because the camels are increasingly ruthlessly entering residential areas in search of water during the continuing drought.

“The camels come to our village, tear down fences and look for water in the air conditioning systems in the houses,” Marita Baker, an APY resident, told The Australian.

That’s why the camels have to die now. The Ministry of Environment and Water will go camel hunting by helicopter. The carcasses are burned or buried and left behind in remote areas.

kamelen in Australia pg

Camels as scapegoats

However, the aggressive behavior of the animals is not the only reason to minimize their number. Another factor is the enormous CO2 emissions of the desert animals. A ton of carbon dioxide is said to produce and emit a single camel in a year.

“One million camels are the equivalent of 400,000 additional cars on the road.”
Is that correct?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assumes that a camel has about one sixth of a car’s CO2 emissions. The total emissions from these animals would still correspond to around 200,000 vehicles, since an estimated 1.2 million wild camels live in Australia.

kamelen australiaeg

The animals were brought by the English colonist into the country more than 150 years ago imported from India and Afghanistan as a means of transport for the desert. With the invention of the car, they became redundant and left in their fate-  and now have developed into a veritable nuisance (!!!). They would also drink the few waterholes empty.

kamelen australienpg
An additional incentive for the campaign against the camels is, according to the Spiegel report, the fact that Australia urgently needs emission certificates. The country has one of the highest air pollution levels per capita in the world because of its large mining industry.
The country currently ranks third last in the climate protection index of the environmental organization Germanwatch. “Only Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia are doing even less against global warming.”

Also an interesting article about the Australian fires:


My comment:  I see that the camels have to be shot down (partly) because of the greenhouse gases they emit (although ruminant emissions are part of the natural carbon cycle).
In contrast, it appears to be environmentally friendly for Australia to burn huge tons of coal in China every year, causing millions of times more climate damage than all the camels on the planet.

That`s another clever Australian move – Sheep, cattle, dogs, coalas, kangaroos, birds, etc – they all need water too. But they murder kangaroos, because they eat the sheep’s grass! Why not shoot all animals ?

Thanks to Indians and Afghans who helped colonize the continent, camels are now an invasive species – what a shitty thought…
Couldn’t Scott Morrison be seen as an invasive species?

Australia is a screwed up country! If Australia’s attitude to climate protection does not change, all of Australia will soon be made up of coal.

Best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Australia: upcoming murder of 10,000 camels”

  1. The death penalty for murderers of sentient beings should be legislated. The man is guilty of the violent death of over 500 million vertebrates in fires, and that’s not enough to him, the little stinker wants to kill another 10,000 vertebrates.The little stinker is the only pest on this planet.


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