Germany: Fair “Hunting and Dog”- Fun for cretins


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At Europe’s largest hunting fair “Hunting and Dog” (Dortmund, January 28 to February 2), hunters can book excursions at the fair that include the shooting down of endangered and protected species such as polar bears, rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes and monkeys, brown bears and wolves – quite legally.

“We are currently experiencing the greatest loss of species since the dinosaurs went extinct, and many animal populations have already collapsed. Nevertheless, wealthy hobby hunters can shoot threatened and protected animals, as in colonial times. This senseless killing out of sheer greed for status symbols must finally come to an end ”. Daniela Freyer from Pro Wildlife.

Exhibitors from Germany and more than 40 countries are represented at the “Hunting and Dog” fair, dozens sell hunting safaris all over the world and attract visitors with stuffed animals, hunting films and special offers.

“Corruption and mismanagement in the hunting sector are the order of the day in many countries. Lucrative profits mean that even the last animals with a magnificent trophy are mercilessly pursued”, says Daniela Freyer.

Trophy hunters are not only targeting rare species, they are also competing to shoot down the largest and strongest individuals.

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When hunting abroad, methods are also used that are prohibited here in Germany.
Hunters are allowed to kill animals with bows and arrows, crossbows or muzzle-loaders, rush them with dogs, chase them with vehicles or bait big cats with dead animals.

In South Africa it is still allowed to breed lions and other animals, to raise them by hand and to have the adult animals shot down in fenced-off enclosures by trophy hunters (so-called “canned hunting”).
Up to 10,000 lions vegetate there in hunting farms.



– Hobby hunters from Germany and Spain are among the leaders in the hunt for endangered and protected species after the Americans.

In Africa alone, around 18,000 foreigners go trophy hunting each year, killing more than 100,000 wild animals.

– Every year hunting trophies of hundreds of endangered and internationally protected animals are imported to Germany.

– Even strictly protected species that cannot be traded commercially can be imported as trophies for “private use” with official approval.

– According to a representative opinion poll, 86 percent of the population in Germany rejects hobby hunting for endangered species. In the Netherlands, the importation of trophies from endangered species is prohibited, in France at least for lions. The UK government is also currently planning a ban.

Kririk an Dortmunder Messe "Jagd & Hund"

Exhibitors offer kills of turtle doves, puffins and songbirds (!!!)

Bird protectors criticize the fact that the organizer Messe Dortmund GmbH also offers companies a platform at the “Hunting and Dog” trade fair that offers endangered migratory birds such as turtles – bird of the year 2020 -, quail and songbirds in southern Europe or the Balkans.

As reported by the Committee Against Bird Murder (CABS), biologists have evaluated the list of exhibitors at the fair in recent weeks and have come across a total of eight companies that have made killing European migratory birds a business model for a fee.


For example, the three tour operators “Absolute Hunting & Wingshooting”, “Diana Hunting Tours” and “Merle Hunting Travel” offer kills of turtle pigeons in Romania and Serbia. The French company “Séjour Chasse” offers wealthy customers the opportunity to shoot blackbirds and thrushes in France in autumn or rare double-tailed godwits in Russia.
If you prefer to shoot migrating songbirds near Madrid or aim at godwits in Armenia, contact the company “ICC Hunting Pleasure”!

Several exhibitors advertise the hunt for wild quail in the Balkans, including the German companies “K&K Premium Hunting Travel” and “Merle- Hunting Travel”.
The latter company demands 1,150 euros for a four-day “hunting arrangement quail hunt” in Romania and advertises that hunters can count on the shooting of 40 wild quail per day.

trophäenjäger mit Affen-1
For hunters who want to kill rare seabirds in Iceland, the German company “Malepartus Hunting Travel” has the right offer in the program.

For a flat rate of 1,040 euros, you can shoot two days from the boat on puffins, fulmares and guillemots – if you are traveling by yourself. There is also a hunt for snipe in Ireland and Scotland, which is advertised in the catalogs of the companies “Blaser Safaris” or “Diana Hunting Tours”.

Turtles, quail and snipe have decreased in large parts of the EU in recent years and are protected with great effort in Germany and its neighboring countries, according to the Committee against bird murder.

“The shooting down of endangered migratory birds destroys complex conservation projects in the breeding areas, accelerates the decline of these species and can never be sustainable,” said committee manager Alexander Heyd.

Westfalenhallen GmbH / Foto: Anja Cord
The committee has therefore recommended in writing to Messe Dortmund GmbH today to separate itself from the exhibitors concerned at the “Hunting and Dog” trade fair.
The State Hunting Association, which officially acts as the “ideal sponsor” of the fair, was also asked to clearly distance itself from hunting endangered migratory birds and to exclude the eighth exhibitor from the fair.


My comment: The hunters always create the terror they need.

It seems like any animal in any country can be shoot down if one is an asshole and ready to pay the price: ibex in Kazakhstan, wild boar in Turkey, sable antelope in Argentina. Or warthogs in Mauritania, four days, five animals, 2800 euros.

A buffalo in South Africa, seven days, 11,800 euros. An elephant from Zimbabwe, on the other hand, already costs $ 34,500. The shooting of a giraffe should cost 1,500 euros, the mountain zebra 900 euros, a jackal 50 euros….

Wild animals are listed as surpluses to be reduced, as individualized evil, as the suspect guilty party that needs to be destroyed.

In the European Union, more than 53 million wild birds are legally shot down by hunters every year, including numerous species that are critically endangered in Germany.
In addition, there is an unknown number of animals that are killed each year in countries without evaluable data (Greece, Netherlands, Ireland and Great Britain) and outside the study area in the Mediterranean region or in Africa.

The battlefield is everywhere and what is a necessary act of killing is determined by the one who wants to carry it out.

hunt the hunters jpg

My best regards to all, Venus

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