A Christmas Message and Video of the Latest Rescued Bears First Christmas From Animals Asia. But for Many; Christmas Day Will be the Normal – Constant Suffering.

WAV comment:  we have just had this Christmas message, and video of the rescued bears from Jill – Animals Asia founder.  We are attaching a link below, so if you can give anything to support their rescue work this Christmas; please do.


We have tried on this site to cover some bear rescues this year; Cotton Blossom is one I especially remember; and it is great to see several of them having their first Christmas without cruelty; away form the suffering they endured in their confinement and bile extraction.  Lets wish them all a super cruelty free first Christmas; but also; remember that there are hundreds of bears out there for whom Christmas Day will be just like any other – bad food, cage confinement; no medical attention; all topped with the suffering of bile extraction.  It wants to make you continue and bring this terrible cruelty and suffering to an end – the sooner the better,

Regards Mark


I’m so thankful for you, Mark.

It truly warms my heart that despite everything the world has thrown your way this year, you’ve continued to support our work to improve the lives of Asia’s abused animals. You should feel proud.​

I want to wish you and yours a bear-y merry Christmas, on behalf of everyone here at Animals Asia, including, of course, the beautiful rescued bears whose lives you’ve filled with so much joy – 11 of whom will be celebrating their first-ever Christmas!

I know that it’ll be a Christmas unlike any other. But I hope that after such a turbulent year, you’re able to spend some time with those you care about most and can enjoy some festive cheer. 

As a small token of our appreciation, we’ve put together a special Christmas video for you.

You see, Mark, not a single one of our rescued bears was on Santa Paws’ Jill Robinson, MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia

naughty list this year. Not even cheeky Sunshine who likes to give her furry friends a nudge on the bottom and quickly run away before they notice. So he paid our brave, beautiful rescued bears an early visit.

Watch as Cotton Blossom, Alice, James and more precious bears open their Christmas gifts and fill up those big round bellies with some of the most delicious festive treats… 

Once again, thank you so much. Your love and compassion for Asia’s animals have been a warming ray of sunshine in these dark and uncertain times. 

Wishing you and your family good health and so much happiness this special festive season,

Jill Robinson, MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia


 Older videos: Enjoy !

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