England: A Christmas Message From Viva! – Check Out the Videos and Links.

WAV Comment: Don’t rely on government for making changes; or you sometimes wait forever; it is people power that brings about change. Be a power person and defend the animals.

Dear Mark,

 I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your generosity this year and to wish you a safe and relaxing Christmas.

In a year which has brought us much uncertainty and loss, we have continued our fight for animals thanks to your support. Despite the challenges this year has brought, we are proud of our achievements and accomplishments. 

  • We launched our documentary, HOGWOODon Amazon Prime and racked up an impressive accolade of awards and reviews.
  • We launched 60 powerful billboards in the East Midlands and went on to launch 80 more.
  • We made waves with our 3 in 4 campaign – connecting pandemics to the exploitation of animals with our videos going viral and fantastic national coverage – and continued sharing the vegan message with Slash the Risk.
  • We went undercover on 13 factory farms – broadcasting the footage on national media with major exclusives.
  • We launched our one week vegan challenge, V7, with incredibly positive success and feedback.

You’ve been with us through it all.

A special Christmas message to wish you our sincerest thanks, from myself and everyone at Viva!.

Yours for the animals

Juliet Gellatley
Founder & Director


Viva! Main site – https://viva.org.uk/

Viva! animals – https://viva.org.uk/animals/

Viva! Health – https://viva.org.uk/health/

Viva! Planet – https://viva.org.uk/planet/ Viva! Lifestyle – https://viva.org.uk/lifestyle/

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