German farmers: “Who protects his animals, is a denouncer!”


The big state wolf killing begins in Germany!




In addition to Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein has today released a 20-month-old wolf male, Roddy, for shooting.

Roddy jpgRoddy in the summer coat in August 2018

In the district Nienburg lives a wolf family consisting of father, mother, 2 children from May 2018, a 2.5 year old fox and a sixth unknown wolf.
Roddy had 8 attacks in 2017 alone. In 2018 it was 32. 22 x of them on sheep. 20 x they were not protected! All not protected and not stalled. The livestock owners there do not want to protect. Over 92% + of the killed animals were NOT protected!

The shooting is unlawful and punishable. The legal requirements are not available. Protect would have had to happen first.
The shooting is unlawful and punishable. Then there must be considerable economic damage relevant to the fundamental right. 
Is not present here.

The herd is valuable because both parent animals bring fresh genes and are not related to the German wolves! There are also two other foreign wolves running around there.


The shooting of Roddy was approved on 31.01.2019.

That will bring the family through each other. It will come just right to farm animal tears. As long as it is not protected, it will always continue. And the livestock owners will not protect – they said publicly in late October 2018: “Who protects his animals, is a denouncer!”

The initiator of the petition has sent many emails and legislative proposals from friendly judges, etc. to the Minister and his staff.

“Olaf Lies, take back your shooting approval”!

PS of the petition initiator: I go with my wolfhounds twice a week in Roddy’s area. It is an ideal wolf habitat and large parts are NATURA 2000 area. There is so much game there. If the livestock farmers would protect, the population would not even know that there are 6 wolves living there.

Wolf Bilder Zum Ausdrucken Fd32 Messianica Malvorlagen Für Mädchen with Wolfsbilder Zum Ausdrucken

With a signature, however, everyone can really do their part in making it clear to the politicians that the majority of citizens do not agree with lobbying. The shooting of the Rodewald Wolf, Roddy, or even the whole herd is purely politically motivated!

Please, sign the petition:

My comment:  Once a wild animal kills another animal to survive, the farmers give the order to shoot!
When they torture and slaughter  animals the farmer call this “agrarian economy”.
They receive subsidies for the construction of fences and protection from “wild” animals, but they do not do it.
The wolves do their work in the forest and take care of their families, as opposed to the farmers who live on subsidies for torture and slaughter of animals. With 1.5 billion euros in subsidies per year, the german farmers are top earners!

“Who protects his animals, is a denouncer!”, because we want a massacre!!

Aufgehängter Wolf mit schönem Text_n

My beste regards, Venus




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