Malaysia: Dog Caught by Chinese Steelworkers Hit With Hammer, Covered With Boiling Water and Then Disembowelled. Demand Action With This Petition.



SIGN: Justice for Dog Strung Up and Beaten with Hammer by Factory Workers


SIGN: Justice for Dog Strung Up and Beaten with Hammer by Factory Workers


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PETITION TARGET: Alliance Steel Sdn Bhd

In a truly sickening case of animal abuse, three Chinese workers in a Malaysian steel manufacturing company brutally roped up a black dog and continued to torture the animal as it yelped in terror and struggled desperately to escape.

First, the men poured water over the helpless dog in a seeming attempt at drowning. One of the men then smashed the animal in the head with a hammer, splattering blood over the floor. The men continued the horror by pouring boiling water over the dog’s body to loosen the fur so they could scrape it away.

Finally, the dog was disemboweled where it lay.

The footage of this horrifying incident, captured at Alliance Steel Sdn Bhd in Kuantan Industrial Park, was shared on Facebook by an individual named John Gan, where it went viral as outraged viewers called for justice.


WAV Comment – why not go to the company web site and tell them how you feel about their inactions – there are lots of comments.  Demand the workers are taken to the police, prosecuted, and then sacked from their jobs; it does not seem like they are ‘working’ to us.  Demand the management acts.

The company apologized for the actions of their workers on their

Facebook page,

stating that they are taking the incident seriously and conducting an internal investigation. We must speak out to make sure they keep their word.

The actions of these men were not only inhumane, but they were also illegal and should not be tolerated.

Sign this petition urging Alliance Steel Sdn Bhd to thoroughly investigate this awful event, fire all individuals involved and work to ensure their prosecution.


WAV Comment

So the workers are filth from China – that says a lot really. How does a company allow its alleged workers to undertake such cruelty as this – does not seem like ‘work’ to us !! ? – check out petition comments to see what people think.

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