Sick meat from Poland: EU takes command!




A slaughterhouse in Poland is said to have secretly killed sick animals. Tons of meat came into circulation – even in other EU countries. Warsaw authorities rule out health risks though. Nevertheless, the EU Commission determines.

Hängende Kuh-Karremann

The EU Commission has opened an investigation into a meat scandal at a slaughterhouse in Poland.

Inspectors are scheduled to travel to Poland on Monday to analyze the situation, a spokeswoman for the Brussels authorities said.

The factory in Masovian Voivodeship, against which Polish authorities are now investigating, (amongst other things) for illegal slaughter, was closed. About 9.5 tonnes of meat were put into circulation, one third of it to other EU countries.

hängende Schlachtschweine

At least 14 countries affected

According to the authorities, a health risk does not exist. The meat is traced back and taken off the market. At least 14 countries are affected, including Germany.

The background is a report by the Polish news channel TVN24 on scandalous practices in a slaughterhouse in Masovian Voivodeship. There, sick animals were secretly slaughtered and the meat was circulated. A reporter had joined the company as a worker.

Kranke Kuh-Soko DokujpgImage: SOKO, Germany, Undercover investigations about sick cows


“That was an illegal procedure”

Pawel Niemczuk, head of the Polish Veterinary Office, confirmed the illegal practices: “This was an illegal procedure at night when there was no veterinary supervision.”

According to the EU Commission, apart from Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Portugal are affected as well. The extent is not yet completely clear, as it was called.

Polish authorities have removed meat and products from the market for illegal slaughter, but they have put their health and lives at risk.

-Grill-Seminar--cThe meat and products made from it could be consumed, informed veterinary and sanitary office after investigations.

Criticism from the Czech Republic

However, Poland’s Minister of Agriculture, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, spoke of an isolated case. This fraud was a pity for the reputation of Polish food, he criticized. Warsaw announced in response to tightened controls of slaughterhouses.

The Czech Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman criticized on television the information policy of Warsaw. “We have been assured several times that the meat was not shipped to the Czech Republic,” he said.

My comment: Cheer!! The EU has certainly found something to justify its existence: the protection of consumer health!! Although it is too late, the 9.5 tons of “sick” meat are a long time ago eaten.

The EU Commissioners are not interested in animals that are used illegally in slaughterhouses even though they are ill, and although the law (the EU law !!) requires emergency slaughter.

For sick animals, pregnant cows and newborn calves that are illegally transported in Europe, the EU is not interested.
And all these sacrifices produce more than 9.5 tons of meat per year!

Because they are “only” animals and the EU knows very well that its voters are not the animals but the meat consumers. So it has to pretend to protect them.

Nobody seriously believes that of all the EU countries only Poland in factory farming is the “sinner”. But the EU (more precisely: Germany) has divided its partners into the first and second category, Poland belongs to the second. For political reasons, which are not relevant here to mention.
For example, there are still 800 fur farms in Poland where animals suffer cruelly, but that has never been a problem for the EU. Despite the thousand petition signatures.
No MEP has ever been interested in it.

Actually, the “sick” meat does not interest the EU either.
It is only a welcome tool of manipulation for EU citizens, so we all forget what the real problem with factory farming in the EU is.

My best regards, Venus


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