350,000 signatures against overfishing!


We arrived in 2019 … the year in which the EU promised to end the overfishing of our seas.

Überfischung in Chile-800x420

We at Our Fish will do our utmost to ensure that the fisheries ministers stop overfishing. Because ending the overfishing will be a legacy for which they will be celebrated for many more years! Thanks to your support, the European Commission and the EU Fisheries Ministers in December received an impression of our resolve when we handed them over 350,000 signatures in Brussels. In addition, they received a total of 20,000 emails from you! The god of the sea Poseidon was on our side, and made sure that your voices and those of the oceans were heard. And the global media have also listened.

Überfischung 2jpg

Although ministers have not agreed on sufficient measures to put an end to overfishing in the EU, we have put them under enormous pressure. And they are responding to this pressure – at a time when we know that the conservation of our seas is critical in combating climate change. The end of overfishing is the simplest, fastest and most important means.

Fischerrei / BiodiversitŠt

That’s why this year is so incredibly important. We are ready to call on ministers to take urgent action to put an end to many years of destructive overfishing and wasteful discards. But that will not be easy, and we need your support to set as ambitious goals as possible!

Bec [Our Fish Manager] has ushered in the New Year with an interview (English), which marked the final entry into force of the discard ban (the wasteful practice of throwing dead or dying fish overboard).

This week, some of the world’s leading video surveillance experts will be on board in Brussels to educate decision makers on how cameras work.

And that is just the beginning!!

Last week, the Our Fish team met in Berlin to discuss the way forward for this, hopefully historic, year – and there were some great ideas!

January was already a significant month for ending overfishing. We have many more plans for the next few months, which we would like to share with you!


My comment: Not only Poseidon, but we are also on your side, dear friends of Our Fish.  With full respect for your work!!

We all hope for a better world for our animal roommates on this earth, and do everything to make this world a reality someday.

My best regards to all, Venus

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