Germany: Veterinary office shows character!




 The veterinary office in Landshut (Bavaria, Germany) does not want to authorize animal transports to far away countries, because the animals are threatened with torment in some regions. A breed society wants to sue against the decision!!!

viehtransport. kuh im Truckjpg

Time and again, animals are transported across Europe in vans over thousands of miles. Often in unworthy conditions. In addition – especially in some Asian countries – brutal battles are waiting for them. The journal “Official Veterinary Service and Food Control” says in one article that “it is very common practices that cause the animals to experience significant and prolonged pain or suffering before they die (bondage, a grip in the eyes, etc.)”.

Kuh mit angebundenen Augen im Blutn

The veterinary office Landshut (Bavaria) does not want to continue that. District Administrator Peter Dreier  wants to put a stop to these livestock transports.

“For me it is animal cruelty, when cattle from our region are transported several thousand kilometers, to be then slaughtered in countries where there is no animal welfare.Peter Dreier, district administrator (Landshut, Bavaria).

The problem is not new: cattle and cows kept in trucks are transported for days, sometimes with stifling heat, without enough water. From Germany, with long-distance destinations Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Turkey and Uzbekistan. “I can no longer personally support this,” says District Administrator Peter Dreier.


What he specifically addresses is the transport of a pregnant cow about 5,000 kilometers  to Uzbekistan. The veterinary office of Landshut had previously prohibited this export.


For a pregnant cow to expect the multi-day trip to the Central Asian country, was – so the reason – animal cruelty. The Veterinary Office will not agree to these transports in the future. That means: the vet rejects the “certificate”. This “certificate” is necessary to let animals from the farm ever to the cattle trading center. Only at the direction of the competent ministry are pre-certificates issued in these cases, according to the district office.


Thus, Dreier has taken on a responsibility, that actually belongs to the Environment Minister Bayers Thorsten Glauber (FW).

“The approval of animal transports is always an isolated decision of the competent district administrative authority,” writes the ministry on. “Animal welfare is a high good that enjoys constitutional status in Bavaria,” it says in a statement by the ministry.

In the future, the veterinary office on the Landshut district administration wants to deny its consent to such transports in principle, as the media continue to report.

According to it, transports to countries that are thousands of miles away or were known for allegations of animal cruelty, be denied.

tiertransporte-Schiff Transport

This attitude in Landshut could reopen the debate on animal transports from Germany. For so far, such exports are legal with the appropriate permits – but now veterinarians refuse just this.

The breeding association Mühldorf (Bavaria) wants to take legal action against it

Josef Frank from the breeding association Mühldorf, over which the cow should be exported, can not understand this decision.
He threatens with legal action. “If the requirements for export are met, this certificate would have to be issued,” said Frank to Bavarian Broadcasting. In addition, “the animal is a breeding animal and not a slaughter animal” (!!!) , so said Josef Frank.

My comment: A few years ago there was a similar case: In the district of Oberallgäu (Bavaria), a veterinarian woman had refused a transport to Uzbekistan. The case has been submitted to the European Court of Justice. In 2015, there was a groundbreaking ruling: animal welfare does not end at the external borders of the EU.
For the official veterinarians who authorize a transport of animals to such countries (…), the question arises whether they  must be punished for animal cruelty.

This case is all the more important because it could join other counties Landshut and deny approvals for the transport of cattle and cows in the future, if necessary, as well.

My  best regards, venus

One thought on “Germany: Veterinary office shows character!”

  1. Thank you for sharing…. this is heartbreaking to read and watch the photos. I’m afraid the only way to stop cruelty is to turn to be vegan, and change radically your behaviour toward “animals”. 😦 claudine


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