The doomsday clock is ticking for African donkeys -China wants them all for ‘traditional’ medicine. 

Donkeys are being wiped out in Africa by insatiable demand for their skins. African people use donkeys as transport in tasks such as water carrying. Uneducated rural people are easily persuaded to sell their animals by Chinese buyers who offer hard cash. They don’t realize that in Africa, donkeys are worth more alive than dead because in places of poor roads and poverty, donkeys offer tremendous support to local communities.
If people won’t sell their donkeys, the Chinese arrange for them to be stolen. Then the poor creatures are led into the bush where men, often drunk, wait to slaughter them. First, they are clubbed and when they fall to the ground, they are skinned alive. Yes, that’s the level of barbarism we are dealing with here.
The DOOMSDAY CLOCK is still ticking… …for 22 gentle donkeys who could have ended up skinned alive without our help!

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