USA: Its The State of the Planet; Not Just The Union !


WAV Comment – we know that this has happened, but some very good issues – and quite rightly; Trumpet did not talk about them !

trump global sea level 1 trump digs coal


In tonight’s State of the Union, we can expect President Trump to make a number of false or misleading claims. Unfortunately, we don’t expect President Trump to talk about the crucial issues that reveal the REAL state of our union: rising global warming emissions, weakened public health protections, suppressed scientific studies, undermined fuel economy standards, undue industry influence in the government, and more.

Join us during the State of the Union to set the record straight on important issues President Trump will likely misrepresent or omit during his address. During the president’s speech, we’ll be tweeting using the #RealSOTU hashtag. Join in the conversation using some of our tweets below or with your own thoughts. Help us highlight the growing crisis of climate change and the importance of science-based protections in keeping us safe and healthy.

Considering last year’s speech and other factors, here are things the president will likely refer to…and the reality he’ll likely skip:

The Economy: It’s practically guaranteed that President Trump will talk about the economy, but here’s what you probably won’t hear:


clim 1


Security: Given the recent shutdown showdown over the border wall, President Trump will likely spend a lot of time focused on the idea of border security, while ignoring some of the real threats to our country:


big power plant


Regulatory Rollback: The president will likely present cuts in regulations as a step forward, but the reality is:

Yours Sincerely,

Kate Cell
Climate Campaign Manager
Union of Concerned Scientists

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united_states air quality map

Air Quality Map

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