The suffering of animals for the beauty industry


Loreal1 Tierversuche

Despite new legislation, there are still animal experiments for cosmetics in Germany!

Since 2013, no cosmetic product may be sold in the EU whose raw materials have been tested on the animal after this date. That may sound reassuring at first glance, but unfortunately the topic of “cosmetics and animal experiments” can not be shelved for a long time yet. Millions of animals still suffer and die agonizingly every year in the laboratories of the beauty industry.

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Good news first: In terms of animal welfare and cosmetics Germany is one of the first in the world. Since 2013, no cosmetic product may be sold in the EU whose raw materials have been tested on the animal after this date.

Why, despite the law, animals continue to suffer for our beauty

One of the reasons is that 90% of all chemical raw materials that are used in cosmetics are also used in other areas, for example in the industry as part of a paint spray or as a humectant in a package.

All these substances must continue to be tested in animal experiments under EU chemicals legislation. Even if drugs are used in some form in medicine, they may still be tested in animal experiments.

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The distributors of Botox use this loophole in the legislation, because apart from the question of why people in youth delusion inject a highly toxic substance in the face, this is a serious animal welfare problem.

Each individual production unit (batch) is tested for toxicity. The test substance is injected into mice in the abdominal cavity. The agony with cramps, paralysis, shortness of breath often lasts three to four days. The animals finally suffocate in full consciousness.


Animal experiments for China

Another reason many manufacturers remain committed to animal testing is the fact that animal testing remains mandatory in China and many other markets. If you want to sell sunscreen or another care product worldwide, this will be tested on the animal before. The experiments have been relocated to countries that like to turn a blind eye when it comes to animal welfare.

Only a handful of companies, such as the major cosmetics giants Procter & Gamble, Unilever or LÓreal, admit that animal testing is being conducted. Most cosmetic manufacturers use clever formulations or do not provide any information to avoid damage to the image.

About L’Oréal

L’Oréal is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the world and owns 28 international brands. The giant Nestlé has a stake of 23.9 percent in L’Oréal. In addition, Nestlé is represented by three people on the board of L’Oreal.

nestlè-LÒreal n
Nestlé’s stake in cosmetics maker L’Oréal is beneficial to both companies, corporations say. If you get sick by cosmetics, no problem!! Nestlé is setting up its own pharmaceuticals business and the new board comes, who would have thought, from the pharmaceutical industry, namely Fresenius! Because the human disease is a lucrative business, as are Nestlé’s products as well as the products that L’Oréal makes billions of euros.

In 2015, the world’s largest hair and body care group generated sales of € 25.3 billion.

The Chinese government requires all cosmetic products sold in the country to have previously been tested on animals to ensure their human utility. Of course, L’Oréal does not want to lose this extremely important market. Therefore, L’Oréal has given up all morality to continue to meddle in China, although this means that thousands of innocent animals must suffer terribly.


The company has been supported for years by celebrities such as Andy McDowell, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Beyoncé. Meanwhile, she has cheated on all her customers.

So if you want to ban animal cruelty from the bathroom shelves, should more than ever make sure to use only products from companies that do not conduct any animal experiments and also ensure that their suppliers do not test on living animals.

If you want to check if your product is free from animal suffering, you will find it a positive list of all manufacturers available in Germany.

But  be careful!
Because natural cosmetics are booming, brands such as Logona or Santé (Natural cosmetics Companies without animal experiments) are now part of L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics group. Nestlé will be pleased.

In addition, Nestlé has been operating the company Galderma with L’Oréal in Lausanne for 30 years.

My comment:  The EU ban of 2013 is in reality a decision full of loopholes.

Therefore, anyone who wants to be sure that the beauty products they buy do not have any animal blood, should follow Peta’s Cruelty- Free liste for cosmetic. It is pretty reliable.

My best regards,Venus


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