Trophies articles for psycopaths




Perverse and illegal: tables of elephant feet and leopard skin confiscated in Cologne, Germany.


Elefanten Füße als Tischjpg
According to a report by the committee against the bird murder, the city of Cologne yesterday proceeded against a company that wanted to sell two tables made of the real feet of elephants and a leopard skin for a four-figure amount on behalf of the customer.

These are hunting trophies, which despite strict marketing ban, offered and therefore confiscated by the authorities.
African elephants and leopards are endangered and are listed in Appendix I of the Washington Convention (CITES).

Elefanten Mama mit baby
Trade in wild specimens is strictly prohibited. The provider is now being investigated for violating the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the EU Species Protection Ordinance.

My comment: Next year comes the new design creation on the market: tables with poachers’ legs, and carpets made of skinned elephant trainers.

Orders can be made from now on.

My best regards, Venus




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