UK: You Expect Abuse In Some Zoo Shitholes; But It Should Not Happen In The UK Zoos !


The latest newsletter from ‘Freedom for Animals’ (UK).

So far 2019 has been a tragic year for animals in UK zoos. In that time endangered species have been exploited for entertainment, had their lives put at risk and some are now DEAD as a result.

Dartmoor Zoo using lions and tigers in ‘Human vs Beast’ entertainments – what has it come to ?


Click on any of the following links to obtain more info:

In just the last month:


Don’t forget – 19 – 22/4 is Zoo Awareness weekend.

We will be publishing any news on this as we get nearer the date.


Yet still too many people do not know the truth about zoos.. BUT you can change that! Please read these stories, share with other people and ask them to start questioning zoos.

Why do they hold these animals captive?
What are the true outcomes of their so-called ‘conservation’ claims?
How many animals really make it back to the wild?

Animals in captivity sufffer and with you, we are fighting to stop that.

Another great action you can take is to join us as a Freedom Champion. Our Champions back crucial undercover investigation work, research, lobbying and outreach to get the message out there, to expose the suffering and to ultimately FREE animals. Will you join them?

All of this news is hard to bare, I know. But this is why we need to speak out for animals in zoos, to fight harder for an end to animal captivity.

SAVE THE DATE! Zoo Awareness Weekend 2019
19th-22nd April 2019

For our annual ‘Zoo Awareness Weekend’ we will be launching a brand new undercover investigation exposing the zoo industry!

Will you take part?

Save the date and I will be in touch soon with more details!

For the animals,

Nicola O’Brien
Campaigns Director 







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