Pink, blue and green chicks are sold as toys in markets!


say NO to color chickenpg

The trend is originally from Asia. For dyeing, many of the poor animals are placed in large vats, doused with paint and then “mixed” and colored.

At the markets they are then sold and usually put to four or five in PLASTIC BAGS!

Bunte kücken
Normal “common sense” helps everyone to know that something like that can not be healthy for the animals.

In Koh Lanta in the south of Thailand, traders offer the dyed chicks. Tourists saw a pink chick for the first time and photographed it. As they continued to look around, they spotted several bags of red, yellow or green live chicks on a truck. Although the outside temperature was over 35 degrees, the trader packed the poor chicks airtight in plastic. There the chicks waited without water, food or air and suffered hellish torments.

A few months ago, China produced popular souvenirs for South Asian countries, but this country, China, can not outrun any other country in terms of cruelty. We remember the living animals as key rings.

Schlüssel Abhänger mit lebenden Tiere

The trend originated in Asia, but anyone who believes that it is just a trend from Asia is wrong. Especially at Easter the business with colorful chicks is booming in the USA and, as already written, in Europe. If you look for colorful chicks on Twitter, you will find it in markets in Spain. In these countries, the dye is even partially injected into the not yet hatched chicken egg. Although animals staining was banned in the US, such as poodles, chicks were not included.

As a New York Times report says, color lasts only a few weeks, as chicks regrow feathers in their natural color. The worst fear is that many people buy the animals because they are special. If the chicks change the feather, they get the normal plumage color, then they are uninteresting and are simply disposed of!

männliches Kücken jpg

Animal rights activists have resisted this practice for a long time.


My comment: Yes, it is also a matter of taste, say most vacationers who come back from vacation with a gruesome piece of souvenir – which, as you know, could still be argued about.

But what is it for people who put stuffed caimans in the apartment, find dried seahorses beautiful or enjoy ivory…. At the latest, if you think that an animal had to die for your souvenir, possibly even brutally poached, it is clear that these souvenirs are a matter of morality and responsibility in particular.

And you can not argue about that anymore.

My best  regards, Venus



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