France: Torture of calves in Tollevast


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The calves in video should be transported from Ireland to Holland. Before and after the long transport, they are dumped near of Tollevast, France, to be fed and rest. But what the activists of filmed there is cruel!

They were beaten, hit in the face, and were entered by workers, in a rest area, in France, where they were supposed to rest, according to secret records.

Some were kicked and hit so hard that they collapsed in the shocking scenes, as you can see during a secret investigation into the treatment of living exports.

It is the first time that brutal and illegal violence against animals sent to Europe is covered by hidden cameras.

The images show that a worker near Cherbourg, in Tollevast,  casually beat calves with a pole on the face and then forcibly hit another side. Many animals – not weaned and still need breast milk – are grabbed by the ears and dragged to the feeders.

While the animals are drinking, the worker is beating them unnecessarily on the back.

When a calf tries to move among the others, the worker drags it away and knocks it to the ground. Another is roughly pulled out of a feeder, beaten and pushed back violently.

But the most terrible scenes show the worker jumping and stomping on a calf.

Transport de veaux nourrissons en Europe homme sautant sur un veau

Another animal is so badly injured that it was filmed, dragging along only its forelegs. Later, when it was helpless, it was kicked by a worker. Investigators said the men screamed as they fell on their calves.

The resting place is certified by the EU as “high quality” and has received grants for renovations!!!

Eyes on Animals activists and French L214 groups who revealed the “terrible” abuse said the young animals were already exhausted, suffered from fatigue, thirsty and lack of food from trips over 18 hours from Rosslare to Cherbourg, when they were unloaded near Tollevast.

At least 2,500 calves are unloaded at the center every 12 hours before being reloaded for trips to Dutch veal farms, activists say.

transports d'animaux

According to the investigators, dealing with the calves is “violent and shocking,” and neither other employees nor the manager interfered.

Contacted on Thursday, the site manager ensures “to have remained speechless before the video”. “It’s just amazing, if the young man had not resigned two weeks ago, he would have been fired immediately,” he swears. According to the investigators, neither other employees nor the manager interfered.

French media have reported that a man was arrested for cruelty.

Eyes on Animals, together with CIWF, TSB | AWF and L214, controlled 23 truckloads of animals over the past month. They said calves were routinely driven from the port of Rosslare (IR) to the port of Cherbourg (FR). The transport time was a total of 56 hours and 35 minutes (!!!), 13 hours more than the EU Transport Regulation allowed.
In addition, one must mention the inadequate hydration systems.

Nicola Glen of Eyes on Animals said: “The calves suffered from upset stomach, especially from diarrhea, and were already very weak, suffering from fatigue, lack of food, lack of water and rest due to overcrowding.”

Ireland’s live exports are rising and MEPs are pushing for further increases. Last year, the country sent 246,000 cattle, including 160,000 calves, abroad, an increase of 30 percent compared to 2017, which also represents an increase of 30 percent compared to 2016.

Northern Ireland exports an estimated 25 percent of male calves to veal factories, mainly in the Netherlands.

Irish Agriculture Minister Michael Creed told MEPs: “I will continue to work for exporters on this issue,” adding, “What I will not do, however … is to facilitate the export of living beings through breaches of the rules.”

L214 and Eyes on Animals call on the EU to ban all animal transports.


My comment: The driver informed the activist that he had indicated his rides book to the Abbeville control center and that this had been approved by the Irish authority.
The violations will be forwarded to the authorities in southern Ireland and the Netherlands.

In its report, the organization asked for an explanation of why travel books were approved, even though they are clearly in violation of the European Pet Transport Regulation 1/2005.
That’s what they said.

And if they do not receive a satisfactory explanation for this violation, they will send an official complaint to the European Commission.
Ireland is an EU member.
France is an EU member.
Obviously, neither country has any respect for the EU transport law and no fear of sanctions.
Because EU never punishes her loyal servants.
In Germany, less than one percent of animal transports are controlled.
The law is only on paper, there is virtually no control.

My best regards, Venus


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