Switzerland: the wild animal killer


A great article by the Swiss community IG Wild beim Wild”, which specializes in the legal aspects of wildlife conservation.

“Virtually everything that is cruel, unnecessary and heartless is sponsored by the Hunting Association Switzerland.

schweiz fahne

The Swiss Hunting Association primarily cultivates irreverence and a culture of violence – exactly the opposite, according to which a cultured person should strive in our society.

Hobby hunters even threaten a civil war, if, for example, the fox hunt should be stopped.


The main propagator of the fox tapeworm is not the fox, but it is mainly the mouse. And these spread diligently, also thanks to the fox hunt gorgeous and infected every fox tapeworm-spreading animal – so also dogs and cats, which are not dewormed regularly!
In fox hunting-free areas, as well as in Luxembourg, Canton Geneva, national parks, etc., there was no increase in this disease. Foxes can easily be vaccinated by bait if necessary – is already done in many urban areas long ago. Hobby hunters spread according to studies with their shabby recreational activities even diseases!

Members of the association Hunt Switzerland have relations with representatives of the power in general. Furthermore, they use force or other means of intimidation (fear, lies, propaganda, etc.) to influence politics, the media, public administration, the judiciary or the economy.


Again and again, members of the Hunting Club Executive Committee try to sabotage our community “IG Wild beim Wild”  by demanding, under the threat of criminal prosecution, the deletion of entire articles revealing the cruel activities of hobby-hunters.

The state gamekeepers,  as in the Geneva model, do not practice cruel hunting methods such as building, bustle, drifting hunts, etc. because they have no reason for it.

There would be no abused hunting dogs.
No unnecessary hunts on wild animals like the fox.

An alcohol ban in wildlife management would be established, etc.

Sanitary or therapeutic killings practiced by game wardens are not the same as an regulatory hunt based on the hunter lie or misunderstood experience of nature!

These people of Hunt Switzerland hunt, terrorize, injure and kill defenseless animals – often just for fun or boredom. However, hunters can not tolerate hunting criticism.

fuchsjagd (1)

It is the task of the IG Wild beim Wild”, to give the wild animals a voice, because otherwise they can not defend themselves from cowardly snipers.

Jäger mit toten Füchsen

A few weeks ago, the Swiss Hunting Association again filed an arbitrary complaint against IG Wild am Wild” – more on that later in another documentary article.

The undemocratic approach of the Swiss Hunting Association also contradicts the right of press freedom. In Switzerland, this is still governed by the freedom of expression under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is precisely what is repeatedly disregarded in the lawsuits by Swiss Hunting Association against IG Wild bei Wild”.

The society has a public interest and right to know about these players from the environment of the sector like association Hunting Switzerland.

As a normal citizen you lose the composure when you experience the endless mischief on the part of hobby hunters. And you can not really blame anyone for that.
In addition, you personally do not benefit from it, but we just do animal welfare, and give those a voice that have none and are suffering. Because of these hobby hunters, wild animals in Switzerland suffer.


Just because the victims of the brutal activities of hobby hunters are not 100% human in nature, “IG Wild beim Wild” does not mean that their deeds are less abhorrent.

Wild animals have no voice and can not join in supposedly democratic decisions.
We, the “IG Wild at the Wild”, as wildlife advocates and game keepers,  give the needy a voice. Consistent with scientific and wild-biological findings.

Wild animals also have feelings and emotions. They can suffer, grieve and feel joy. They live like us humans in family associations and social structures, which destroy the today’s hobby hunters mostly for the fun”.


My comment: In their blog, this great group has posted a flyer, whth the title:

Five cartridges for five truths.

Cartridge 1- Swiss hunting is An association whose members are involved in law violations year after year in the four-digit range.

Cartridge 2- Culture If hunting is culture, cannibalism is gastronomy.The hunt has caused many problems in Switzerland but still no one problem solved sustainably.

Cartridge 3- Wild life The hunt has caused many problems in Switzerland but still no one problem solved sustainably.

Cartridge 4- Ethics What Hunter considers “good” has nothing to do with truth, science, decency, ethics, etc …

Cartridge 5- Politics Hunter slogans are sham and empty words

I mean, they are right!

Jagd-Schweiz. Flyerpg

My best regards to all, Venus

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