Botswana: the elephant murder begins again


Botswana has about 130,000 elephants, the largest population in the world, and   Botswana is described as its last sanctuary in Africa.


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Horrible! Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting and commissions a Hollywood PR company to fight negative headlines 😡

While in other African countries elephants are almost extinct for their ivory and trophy hunting, Botswana has been called the paradise for elephants.
Botswana banned elephant hunting.
Although the EU and regional neighbors called for the lifting of the hunting ban imposed in 2014, Botswana remained firm.
Botswana is determined to continue fighting against trophy hunting, captive breeding, and ivory trade, according to the answer.
Botswana gained a notorious fame when Juan Carlos, who was WWF Honorary President and King of Spain at the time, broke his hip while hunting elephants.


It had long been expected that Botswana would not stand up to pressure, and now the time has come: the government is rescinding the ban.


The German Hunting Association welcomes the decision and the government of Botswana has even hired a Hollywood public relations firm to stop the negative reaction to its decision to continue trophy hunting.
The company will receive $ 125,000 over the next two months. The company’s clients include actress Meryl Streep, who has decided against selling and importing ivory.

It was not until March 2019 that Zimbabwe made terrible headlines! Again 30 elephant babies were sold to China.
Zimbabwe continues to sell its elephants to China.
They are torturously captured and airlifted to China by plane.

Elefanten Mama mit baby

How can one state as a reason, one would have too many elephants, as now also in the Botswana the case, although the KAZA national park, a world-wide largest zone for nature protection and ecotourism seven years ago with 50 million euro German financing would have to provide sufficient space ?

KAZA, which was founded with German development aid in cooperation with the WWF, was signed by Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. But as it turned out, this park apparently only exists on paper.
What were 50 million euros paid for?
This “paper park” was supposedly built to protect elephants.

Elefanten8As said, the Botswana government has engaged a PR firm with close ties to Hollywood to fight back against the bad publicity triggered by the South African nation’s decision to lift the ban on elephant hunt, according to on 24 May 2019.

42 West, a company primarily known for its work with celebrities and the film industry, told the US Department of Justice last week that it will work with the Tourism Ministry of Botswana.
This emerges from a submission under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

This puts 42 West in an uncomfortable situation.
Big game hunting is a highly controversial issue, especially in Hollywood, and numerous prominent activists have opposed killing the world’s largest land mammal for sport, including some calls for a tourism boycott against Botswana.

Botswana’s hunting ban was imposed by a former president, Ian Khama, an outspoken conservationist.
However, current President Mokgweeti Masisi has called for the nation to be reopened for hunting, and the decision to lift the ban is set to face general elections in October 2019.

What did the government say?

Botswana has lifted the prohibition on elephant hunting and explains this with growing conflicts between humans and animals, which sometimes destroy the crop.

President Masisi set up a committee last June to review the ban imposed by his predecessor in 2014. In February, the committee recommended allowing the hunt again.

“The number and levels of conflicts between humans and elephants and the resulting impact on livelihoods increased,” said the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Tourism in a statement.

“Predators have increased and cause much damage by killing large numbers of livestock,” it continues, “and finally,” they would ensure that the “reintroduction of hunting is done in an orderly and ethical manner.” (!!!)

Elefanten- werden mit feuer bejagd

Botswana 23. Mai, The President has spoken: Let’s offer @TheEllenShow and all the other RACISTS who are peddling lies about our country & our #elephants, to send us their delivery address! We are ready to deliver.. #HumanLivesMatterToo #HandsOffBotswana

What is the background?

Most of the country’s elephants live in the country’s northern region, roaming across borders into Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Elefanten Herde

The latest survey of wildlife suggests their numbers are not increasing as many rural people suspect, and conservationists are likely to say the decision aims to boost the president’s popularity among rural voters ahead of elections in October.

There are some 415,000 elephants in Africa, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with the population having been decimated largely due to poaching for ivory.

getöteter elefantpg

International campaigns to ban all ivory sales as a way to prevent illegal poaching have gained huge momentum, but there is disagreement over how to manage large, destructive elephant populations encroaching on human settlements.


My comment: Botswana is known as a destination for luxury safaris. That’s why the German Hunting Association has rubbed its hands, out of sheer joy for the regained freedom to murder elephants in Botswana.

The Botswana Department of the Environment asserted in a statement that the hunt would be in accordance with all wildlife laws and regulations. And I read today that there is already head money for every shot elephant!!

On the other hand, the organization Pro Wildlife suspects political reasons behind the decision. Botswana’s new president wants to win votes in rural areas in the new elections in October.
And so the victims are again the culprits.  For how else can one justify the imminent elephant murder if elephants are not portrayed as perpetrators?

After all, the corrupt government of Botswana has spent a lot of money on the PR company 42 West from Hollywood so that they can properly sell the planned massacre to the public.

But to assert that the hunt for life beings happens in this case because the elephants are overwhelmed, and because murder is the only useful option, I find this an insult to human ingenuity!

My best regards, Venus

Mark sent me this petition a few minutes ago: I did not know that. Please sign and share it.

We will not send our “delivery address” to the corrupt President Massisi. But we, the “racists” will raise our voices all over the world, and we all will fight to prevent the new massacre of these sensitive animals. And if he still does not get it, then we will call for a tourism boycott. We don`t need a PR company for that!

SIGN: Save Botswana’s Elephants from Cruel Trophy Hunters





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