because they are someone, not something


Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video from the action):

Can you imagine, spending your whole life, being detained, in your own shit?
Can you imagine, that all you know about life, is a concentration camp, violence and suffering?
Can you imagine, seeing your fellow inmates falling, agonizing and dying?
Can you imagine, never have seen the sky, sunlight, a tree or a blade of grass?
But that all of this would not matter at all, because others, by billions, will be born for the same purpose.
We, have imagined them discovering daylight, fresh wind, life.
And so we have stopped imagining, and started acting.
We broke in and opened the prison doors. Prisons for the most innocent beings…
And we will keep doing it.

From now on, let’s OPEN all the cages and all the farm doors!

“We Have Stopped Imagining, and Started Acting”

And I main...It is the fascist conviction of the human species that maintains the slavery of the animals, that they are there to serve us as food, clothes, entertainment, test objects.
The legalization of this privilege, by a criminal system, of eating whatever pleases everyone leads to a two-class justice system, to the exploitation of the weaker par excellence.

Therefore, the message of the animal liberator goes above all to the meat eaters, to the perpetrators who give this second-hand murder order:

No cooperation with the hangmen, no cooperation with the slaves owners.
Stop eating animals

Hühner mit Revolver

My best regards to all, Venus


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