Bavaria: death struggle as an everyday business




One of the largest dairy farmers in Bavaria blatantly violates animal welfare. The dairy farm Endres” im Allgäu, Bavaria, torments his animals, according to research by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the ARD ( Public TV) politics magazines REPORT MAINZ.

This emerges from a several weeks comprehensive video documentation from the stalls. The photographs were handed over to the ARD and the Süddeutsche Zeitung by the animal rights association Soko Animal protection” and show that the staff always cause great pain to the cows. The cows are kicked and beaten. Animals that can no longer walk are dragged through the barn with the help of hip clips and tractors. Sick cows are taken to a sick bay of the barn and are not  cared for there. About 1800 cows live there.

Tierquälerei auf Enders, in Bayern

Over a period of ten days, the footage documents that a particular animal has been given very little water and food and has not been properly killed. There are several so-called Need killings to see in which the animals were stunned with a stud shot, but then bled out properly. Minutes after the bolt shot, some cows are still showing reactions and are suffering longer than allowed. The farmer Franz Endres wants, despite multiple demand for the previous incidents, not comment.

This emerges from a several weeks comprehensive video documentation from the stables, which was handed over to the editorial by the animal rights organizationSoko animal protection” . In the opinion of Prof. Holger Martens, an expert on cattle farming, the documented conditions clearly violate existing laws.

“I have never seen such pictures, they are unacceptable, they are intolerable conditions, and this is clearly in violation of existing laws, it is depressing.” he said

For inspections at the beginning of June following an anonymous complaint, the official veterinarians from Mindelheim have also found animal rights violations. The farmer was told to remedy the identified deficiencies immediately, they say.

Meat from “Endres” sick animals has also entered the food chain. This was confirmed by the slaughterhouse Vion in Buchloe. The milk of the animals was delivered to the dairy Champignon.

The company’s statement states that,” for ethical and moral reasons, the cheese producer Champignon will no longer accept and process milk from this farm. “

Authors of the Public TV political magazinesFakt and REPORT MAINZ” had shown recordings from the dairy farm to a spokeswoman for the cheese firm.

Tierquälerei auf Enderspg

Meanwhile, the responsible Bavarian consumer protection ministry has responded. A written statement on Monday stated that “animal cruelty is unacceptable” (!!!)

For the first time in my term of office, I am confronted with such serious allegations against a specific establishment, and the matter must be fully investigated immediately the local authorities have been involved, and I was particularly keen to have the prosecutor’s office react immediately, with criminal behavior in the area, and responsibility for the animals, and there is a strong suspicion that this responsibility has been grossly ignored” says  Consumer Protection  Minister Thorsten Glauber

In addition, several special inspections of the enterprise were ordered and one had requested a special report from the responsible government of Swabia.

Animal cruelty at Franz Endres probably not an isolated case

The documented animal cruelty in the Franz Endres dairy farm, in one of the largest dairy farms in Germany, shows once again what animal rights activists have been denouncing for many decades: that farmers in Germany systematically violate existing laws – and are too rarely stopped by the responsible authorities.

The case of brutal animal cruelty in one of the largest dairy farms in Germany is highly explosive! For it shows once again that even large companies in Germany apparently continue to systematically torture and kill animals in the most brutal way. Because they know: Serious consequences have almost never in Germany!

Without research such as the “Soko animal welfare” remain even the most serious animal protection violations without consequences. Investigations are – often against a rather symbolic payment – set. Consistent livestock bans are extremely rare!


My comment: The German industrial peasants have lobby organizations that are as powerful as those of the German automotive industry. In such a climate, where apparently and intentionally insufficient control or animal cruelty is concealed, crime flourishes.

While pet owners torture animals in Germany, they also advertise with allegedly high animal welfare standards in Germany.

What many consumers do not know: Germany is only mediocre in terms of animal welfare internationally. There is always talk of “isolated cases”, but in reality concern the majority of companies. And the farmers’ lobby – which, incidentally, mainly represents the big farmers – is doing everything to ensure that this does not change.

My best regards, Venus


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