Germany: the “production system” of pigs



At the beginning of February 2017, PETA was alerted by a whistleblower to the bad conditions in a pig breeding and fattening farm in Günthersdorf (Friedland) in the Lower Lusatia. On PETA leaked footage, which was taken at the beginning of the year, were extremely dirty with excrement pork bays and a number of seriously injured and dead piglets to see.


PETA thereupon immediately filed a complaint with the competent public prosecutor in Frankfurt on suspicion of violating the Animal Welfare Act as well as numerous serious violations of the provisions of the Animal Welfare Ordinance. In addition, the veterinary office  district was informed about the abuses.

But the catastrophic conditions were not turned off.

PETA was leaked more video material – taken in late June 2017 -. No improvements from improvements. The animals suffer and continue to die under desolate conditions. The closure of the plant or the pronouncement of a livestock ban were considered by Thomas Maczek (the veterinary officer of the competent office), as not necessary, although he himself had classified in an interview, the attitude as bad, animal welfare relevant and not species-appropriate. Resignation or disinterest? but in any case a behavior that is inappropriate for a medical profession.

These are shocking pictures: The pictures show once again weak, seriously injured, dying and already dead piglets.


Severely ill animals of different ages are simply left to themselves in Stable alley and thus to their sad fate. The lifeless bodies of the animals are not properly disposed of in so-called carcasses tons, but simply left outside  the stable.


Extremely unhygienic conditions

In the stables, even months after the first criminal complaint, extremely unhygienic conditions prevail, which must be classified as seriously worrying. Centimeters high manure and heavily polluted bays and stables are the sad everyday life for the sensitive pigs.


Mast bays were not only dirty, but in some cases too crowded. (Stocking density of 0.226 m2 per animal, although according to the Animal Welfare – Livestock Regulation at least twice as large area is required for runner pigs).


The animals themselves are due to their disastrous environment often heavily polluted themselves and suffer. Also in June 2017, numerous animals are sitting in the so-called dog seat. This unusual and unnatural posture for pigs, irrespective of their age, should make breathing easier for the animals (relief posture). But also diseases of the musculoskeletal system come into consideration.


Cut off tails from cropping the animals were simply thrown into a slurry tank below the gangway. Many flies present in the barn, as potential carriers of diseases, promote the spread of diseases. In the stable alley are also many maggots.


PETA has now sent this shocking video footage to the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt (Oder). The animal rights organization demands the immediate closure of the holding and a banning of animals for those responsible. In addition, PETA has now also the so far apparently inactive responsible persons of the responsible veterinary office indicated.

This case shows once again how even the minimum legal regulations are violated. Despite extensive notification by PETA was not used by the competent veterinary office.

Once again, the enforcement deficit in Germany shows – not even valid law is enforced, grievances are tolerated.

Despite official controls, operators have apparently been able to continue their catastrophic husbandry for months without any restrictions.

My comment: We must not get used to these pictures, it is not rare exceptions and black sheep at the animal owners, it is systemic conditions.
Here we witness a million times animal suffering, which has become normal in the existing “production system”, a normality that a civilized society with an ethical claim and an advanced animal welfare law should not take for granted.

Germany has established the largest, most disgusting and cruel mass animal farming in Europe.
Under the animal-contempting policies of the new Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner, the country is being pulled into the dirt.

“Klöckners Livestock Ordinance violates animal welfare law and constitution,” says Prof. Thomas Blaha of the Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare.
He`s right.

My best regards, Venus

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