Bullfighting: the medieval shame of Spain


How primitive and anti-social can people be in the middle of Europe?




Bullfighting is a lucrative business. The arguments “tradition” and “culture” are only an invention of the bull mafia to get appropriate EU subsidies for this murderous spectacle.

The animal cruelty committed before the fight is kept secret from the public. Animals are tormented with devilish ingenuity.

Animal welfare organizations continue to fight with education campaigns against the martyrdom of the bulls. Unfortunately, Spain is overwhelmed with its social system and invests in this “tradition” of the primitive, millions instead of investing in the education system.

Furthermore, in the high season and with thunderous applause from the spectators, around 30,000 animals die each year in the arenas.

Stier in Arenan

Almost none of the few brain-sick Europeans who regard this form of sadism as a “culture” and pay to see how a defenseless animal is massacred knows what really happens before the fight.

We will tell them that!

It starts with the days of transporting the bulls to the arena. In narrow containers they are brought on trucks in burning sunshine. Some lose up to 30 kilos and are so weakened that they collapse as soon as they are driven out of the stalls with iron forks.

Then the horns are counted. The animals are clamped in a headgear to saw off the horns, and then they are filed in a natural looking pointed shape.

Stier aud Gillotine fixiert_o

This is for two reasons: first, to weaken the animal by the long-lasting, unbearable pain – inside the horns are as sensitive nerves, as in a tooth – and second, the bull loses the sense of the distance by the reduction and therefore always pushes into the void.

At the same time, the horns are also drilled in several places to the nerve and planted in the holes wood splinters, so that any defensive maneuvers for the bull to hell’s torment.

So that he can not shout of pain, the vocal cord is severed in some battle sites.

Drugs and tranquilizers are given to animals before drinking in water to alter and destabilize their natural behavior. Mostly, the back of a fighting bull is also dirty or bloody due to severe diarrhea. With Spanish pepper suppositories the intestines of the animals are made to bleed.

Stier allein sterbend

The night before the gruesome spectacle, the bulls are either placed on their backs in cramped boxes, or they push long nails through the genitals to prevent them from lying down and further weaken them through this incredible torture during the long night.

During the morning heavy bullets sacks the bull’s neck to unbalance them and make any head movement – which might surprise the bullfighter – extremely painful.

Despite the scorching heat, the animals will no longer be given water. Her eyes are smeared thick with Vaseline, so they can hardly recognize the torero, and the nostrils are stuffed with cotton wool so that it hangs down to the throat to make breathing difficult.

Then the legs are rubbed with turpentine. The pain, burning sensation, and itching make the bulls restless, and so the spectators believe they are aggressive and dangerous when they gallop around madly because of the burning pain as they bump out of the darkness of the cages into the blazing sun of the arena.

The bull’s gallop into the arena is not the expression of “rage” or “wildness”, it is a panic reaction of the animal desperately seeking the path to freedom!

How it goes on..


Stier mit Matador jpg

Unfortunately, Spain is a country that has and spends very little money on education. This is also noticeable at every point and also when dealing with animals. The bullfighting is televised and promoted in schools as a cultural heritage to the children.

Education and the future of Spanish children is not worth a penny in and for Spain.

Kinder beobachten aufgehängten Stier_n

 Spain is at the top of animal cruelty as an EU country.
With bullfighting, Spain holds a “tradition” that has been proven to originate from Gitanos and was invented during the darkest period of our earth, the same in the time of the Inquisition.

Stier blutend und gefesseltn

As the Pisa study shows, Spain is at the very back end of education in Europe, as evidenced by the fact that traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm that only scare and disgust every educated person.

Bull fight and bull festivals violate every ethic of modern civilized countries and societies. The ridiculous pseudo-arguments of the Taurinos about the “culture” and “tradition” of the bloody spectacle are so stupid, in fact false and hypocritical that they can not convince a single person with intellect and education.

toter Stier 2gThe Spanish Animal Protection Party PACMA is making every effort to abolish this shameful barbarity. So far without much success.

It is still these mentally weak proletarians, these dwarves of morality, the Taurinos, those who pull the land into the dirt all over Europe and lead us to a paraphrase of the well-known saying  of “Isaac Bashevis Singer:

“When it comes to bullfighting, everyone becomes a Franco.”

My best regards to all, Venus


One thought on “Bullfighting: the medieval shame of Spain”

  1. The author of this “tradition” is the same psychotic human who was the author of the “tradition” : ” burning witchcraft ”, but this with bulls bring to the mafia profit and of course the percentage goes to the top of the EU governments, as we saw the method : in films The Gogfather 1,2,3, that is reason why it persists in 21. Century.


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