Germany: the land of 8 million tons meat!


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German Development Minister Gerd Müller returns to Germany on Sunday after a week’s state visit to Brazil and complains that the rainforest is being cut down!!

Abholzung in BrasilienpgClearcutting: According to the Brazilian space research institute INPE alone in June 2019, 920 square kilometers of Amazon rainforest were destroyed. This is an increase of 88 percent over June 2018

His mission was to further develop the cooperation projects, in particular for the protection of the rainforest, the indigenous population and the Amazon Fund.
He says in the media: “I expect more engagement in the Amazon (!!!)

abgeholte Flächen in Brasilienjpg

Why does he say it in the media and not his colleague, Minister and lobbyist of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner?

It is well known that Germany not only supplies Brazil with dangerous pesticides, which are banned even in the EU, but is also responsible for cutting down the Amazon in Brazil.

Germany is not only one of the largest milk producers, but also one of the largest meat producers in the world. Subsidized with tax money!

Germany produces 8 million tons of meat every year! In order to be able to produce that amount of meat at all, it needs food for the animals.

Kühe im Stall

Germany imports most of the soya from Latin America. Incidentally, the most important supplier of beef to the EU is Argentina. To be able to produce this amount of soy, forests are cleared and burned. An extraordinary ecosystem with a high biodiversity disappears.


Few people are aware that an invisible bond of destruction is moving from European mass animal farms to the forests of South America. There huge soy plantations destroy the native fauna and flora. It is an environmental crime that often forests are cut down for cultivation, the soil is leached out and water is polluted.

regenwald amazonasjpg

In 2016, this was about 2.9 million tonnes of soy and soy products.

This soya is used by food and meat processors and is used for the rearing of chickens, pigs and cattle or for the production of eggs and dairy products, which are sold in many German supermarkets and restaurants.

So if the topic of Amazon, climate change or CO2 is discussed, why is the issue of factory farming not mentioned? Animal products are associated with high greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and inefficient land use!

Poultry Farm And A Veterinary

Livestock for meat, eggs and dairy products has high CO2 emissions and produces 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas. That’s more than all the cars, planes and other means of transport in the world.
A person who eats plant-based foods 1 day a week for 1 year can lower their CO2 emissions by 234 kg per year (estimated based on the carbon footprint of various foods).

Please calculate this now, if you consider that Germany produces 8 million tons of meat per year and about 33 million tons of milk!

The agricultural lobby is powerful, that means. And it is subsidized in Germany with tax money, which then for education, care and so on. is not available.
From the EU, the German agricultural lobby receives about 6 billion Euros and these are causing severe damage in other countries. On average, every EU citizen pays 32 cents a day for the EU criminal agricultural policy.


It is estimated that over 30 million tonnes of genetically modified feed are imported into Europe each year to feed pigs, poultry, dairy and beef cattle and farmed fish.
Much of the soybean and corn used for this purpose is grown in South America, including Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Cheap meat, milk and eggs can only be produced with cheap soybeans, which, however, cost the countries of origin expensive: Deforested rainforests, destroyed environment, poisoning of humans and animals are the result.


This is not agriculture. This is a murder factory in the field.

This documentary explores the effects of soybean cultivation in South America and shows people in South America and Europe alternatives to the devastating vicious circle. The Video is in English and Spanish with German subtitles.


My comment: The solution would be a Germanexit.

Only incompetent and irresponsible politicians have Germany.

We are dealing with a ruling clique, with corrupt oligarchs who are at least interested in the rights of animals and the rescue of the climate.
Everywhere scandals and manure stands in slaughterhouses we read lately.
And instead of finally abolishing factory farming or at least punishing criminal slaughterhouse operators, the slaughterhouse’s girlfriend, Agriculture Minister Klöckner, wants stricter penalties for activists exposing these crimes.

No more subsidies for the meat.
Meat consumption must be private, as well as smoking.
This state-subsidized factory farming must cost as much as the damage it does.
I consider it a political prostitution to subsidize meat.

My best regards to all, Venus


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