USA: Petition – Men Accused of Murdering Dog Execution Style Must Be Punished.




Men Accused of Murdering Dog Execution-Style Must be Punished

Posted by Jennifer McCue

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Target: Marilyn Hite Ross, State’s Attorney for Winnebago County, Illinois

Goal: Punish the two men who allegedly shot a dog multiple times, leading to the animal’s death.

An innocent dog was apparently shot multiple times in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspects in the case fled the scene and are still at large. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Rockford police are searching for two men in connection with the brutal slaying of an innocent dog. Per authorities, Kelvin Langston, 28, and Douglas Hollyfield, 26, entered a woman’s home and began shooting at the dog in her care. They took turns firing, the witness stated, and only targeted her friend’s animal. Sadly, the pup suffered serious injuries in the apparent attack and later died.

Langston and Hollyfield have been charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal, unlawful use of weapons by a felon, reckless discharge, and no FOID card. Both have warrants and bonds set at $150,000. Sign below to demand that these men are punished for their heartless crime, if convicted.



Dear State’s Attorney Ross,

A dog was apparently shot repeatedly by two men while being cared for by the owner’s friend. The poor animal later died due to the severity of the gunshot wounds. I demand that the people responsible be brought to justice.

They entered the woman’s home, the witness stated, and aimed their guns at her friend’s dog. They then reportedly took turns shooting the helpless animal, eventually inflicting fatal injuries. These men, identified by police as Kelvin Langston and Douglas Hollyfield, are accused felons and one is reportedly a gang member. Now, despite the continued efforts of the Rockford Police Department, they are on the loose and likely dangerous to other animals.

Those responsible for this innocent animal’s death must be found and brought to justice. Prosecute them and seek the maximum penalty to ensure the safety of all local animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Brett_Hondow



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