EU : SE England MEP’s Now Asked By WAV as to Why France Stops Live Transport, and Yet Romania Exports 70,000 Live Sheep to the Middle East in Temperatures 10 Degrees Hotter ?

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Update 24/7/19 – the Romanian sheep on the ‘Al Shuwaikh’

AL_SHUWAIKH another 3

WAV have today (1120hrs GMT) written to all South East England Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) asking why 70,000 Romanian sheep are allowed by the EU to be exported live to the Middle East, in conditions which are around 10 degrees hotter than the conditions in Europe, but for which France (another EU member state) has today stopped the transport of live animals !

We really welcome this announcement by the French, who take animal welfare during transport in high temperatures seriously. Pity the same cannot be said about other existing EU member states (Romania).

The EU is master at passing the buck back to individual member states saying that they should ensure enforcement of the rules. Obviously this does not work with Romania; so we now give our South East England MEP’s 48 hours to tell us why  it is bad for some and yet ‘good’ for others. MEP’s are supposedly elected by the people to represent the people rather than just sit on the gravy train.

im-august-2017-sterbendes schafjpg

We want action now against Romania and EU Commissioners for allowing the Romanian exports to go ahead. If the EU Parliament can do nothing, then what the point of an EU Parliament representing ‘the people’.



The French Minister for Agriculture and Food, Didier Guillaume, has announced on the France 2 TV show ‘4 Vérités’ a suspension on live animal transport because of the high temperatures.

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