Pathetic Romania: Your Troubles Have Not Really Started Yet. Lots (for us) to Do In the Coming Weeks.


AL_SHUWAIKH another 3

Update: 24/7/19 2000hrs GMT.

The ‘Al Shuwaikh’ has still not manged to leave the Red Sea,

It is currently off Perim Island, near to Fagal which is a city in Djibouti.

Why is this vessel chug, chug, chugging along ? it is doing just 16 knots.
Current Temperature is 32 degrees.
Regards Mark




We will not give up.

These days we realized that the carriers fear us more than the authorities.

We do something – the EU does not.

We do not see this as a success for us, but as further evidence that the system and the implementation of animal welfare rules are not working.


Read the full story of the suffering pigs which the EU ignores at:

schweine im Transportjpg


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