India: July 2019 – More Great Rescues From the Brilliant Team at Animal Aid Unlimited. Donate if You Are Able – Thank You.


animal aid unlimited india

WAV Comment – after us doing so much about the live export trade recently and all the utter scum (is this too polite ?) that are involved with it; we are bringing you these videos from AAU in India which will always prove that there are millions of animal heroes out there who are doing everything they can to alleviate animal suffering and abuse. 

As always, our heartfelt thanks go out to Erika, Claire and Jim, plus all the others in the AAU team who perform miracles every day.   Thanks you guys !

Please give a donation if you can stretch to it to keep these miracle workers doing their work.


Regards – Mark and Venus (WAV).


Close to death, brain injured but so brave: Sona’s recovery

Laying on the road this poor little collapsed darling was fading away before our eyes. For several days she didn’t regain consciousness after suffering a head injury. We gave her IV fluids until she slowly began to eat on her own, but the reason we feel she stayed alive is because she was so motivated by love. Watch beautiful Sona who achieved the ability to eat again, walk again, run again (though wobbly), and in the process, bloomed with love.  

Please donate for brave little bundles.


Adorable dog recovers from badly wounded ear.

This gorgeous boy’s ear was destroyed by maggots. Neighbors had tied him to make sure he didn’t wander away before we arrived, but when we met this sweetheart we realized he was so loving and friendly he would never have resisted being carried, if it meant he’d squeeze in some more snuggles. He needed extensive wound treatments, daily flushing and bandaging and a course of antibiotics, but he was cheerful from the first moment until his healing was complete after a month. 

Please donate. When happy animals are very hurt helping feels so good


Sophia was badly burned but so brave 

Sophia’s burn was almost a foot long. We don’t know what caused it but this beautiful girl was in excruciating pain. It took 2 months of daily wound dressings to heal and during that time, we fell in love with her. Her patience and understanding were inspirational; she was one of those special “people” who are so peaceful they can make wherever they are seem like home. Meet the gracious Sophia today. 

Please donate today for street animal healing


Shylo’s skin was like cracked stone. Amazing recovery of a shy softie!

It’s almost impossible to spot her at first but you’ll soon see that this gravelly mound is a dog suffering in the desperate grip of mange. The mange parasites have caused a condition called crusting, and the pain and itching is part of the most extreme suffering imaginable. We named this shy, frightened girl Shylo, and when you see her transformation you seriously won’t recognize her as the same dog. But that’s what healing can look like: pure beauty. 

Please donate to heal the helpless.


We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals.

AAU Indian founders

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,

and the whole Animal Aid Unlimited team

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