Canada’s activists: “we are here to show the truth”!



On July 19, 2019, thirty Toronto Pig Save activists rushed into Fearmans slaughterhouse in the midst of a massive heatwave in Southern Ontario, Canada.



Upon arrival, the activists found dehydrated and exhausted pigs inside idling transport trucks and were there to bear witness to their suffering and offer water to the desperate pigs.

They also found a child being ordered to electrocute pigs off of the truck and into the slaughterhouse.

If these were dogs in the trucks, what would you do? It is true that these activists trespassed onto the grounds of the slaughterhouse and it is true pigs are seen as property by animal agriculture, but laws that protect unjust industries and exploit and cause unspeakable suffering to innocent animals deserve to be broken.

We are here to show the truth and to help end this injustice.

Farmed animals are one of the first victims of global warming. They suffer in the extreme heat in transport and the exhausted pigs are then killed. This is why we need to go beyond meat. Today’s heat was brought to you by meat!

The only way for this animal torture to stop is when we stop paying for it!!!

save the movementn

From my experience in participating by “Save the Movement” in my city:

Most truck drivers with the loaded pigs gas when they see the activists. The police, who only comply with their duty to attend, does not attack. From the slaughterhouse operator to the truck driver, the anger is great: “We have to work and you disturb the work process”!
Who drives pigs with electric shock in the truck and out of the truck, of course, has no inhibitions to run over people!

One thing is extremely embarrassing in this video: the loyalty testimony of the black employee in the slaughterhouse.
200 years ago, his ancestors lived as property slaves in a colonized African country.
They were dehumanized and treated as hand goods.

parallele Sklaverei Tier mensch_n

Today, he serves a slaughterhouse operation for 10 euros an hour and believes he belongs to the ruling class, and therefore violently treats activists.
Other rights in this slaughterhouse does not know this black man.
Except to beat animal rights activists fighting for the liberation of animal slaves.

What other activists did 150 years ago for the liberation of human slaves.

My best regards, Venus


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