To the tiger’s day…



Today is International TigerDay!

But there is no reason to celebrate: Tigers are hunted mercilessly by poachers,  these beautiful big cats are among the endangered species. In addition, the palm oil industry, which is responsible for clearing forests, has catastrophic consequences for the habitat of the tiger and for the worldwide biodiversity.

We have to do something about it before it’s too late!
Do you know these four startling facts about Tiger?
✴️ 4,000 € – 22,000 € – that’s how much a tiger in the EU costs
✴️ 1,412 – so many live captive-bred tigers were exported from the EU between 1999 and 2016
✴️ 8,278 – that’s the number of illegal tiger products (such as tiger soup cubes, teeth and claws) seized during the same period
✴️ 3,900 – so few tigers still live in the wild (the exact number of captive tigers is unknown)


Tigers are threatened with extinction. The world has already lost over 90 percent of its tiger population, because there are only about 3,900 of the animals in the wild.
In 2010, there were still an estimated 3,200 tigers in the wild in 13 states of Asia.

One hundred years ago there were more than 100,000 animals. Currently only five subspecies live, three are already extinct and one has not been spotted for decades.

About 20,000 tigers now live in captivity, most of them in zoos, tiger farms or privately owned.


This dramatic decline is the result of a perpetual demand for tigers. Their body parts are marketed and showcased live animals for commercial purposes. The commercial trade in live tigers and tiger products – whether born of the wild or in captivity – must be stopped! Legal trade fuels illegal trafficking and poses a great threat to the last tigers in the wild.


It is shocking that captive-born tigers in Europe are still being traded for commercial purposes such as circuses or private ownership and “tiger selfies”. In some European countries, tigers can even be hired for private parties!

Tigers-Thailand_620x349private tiger farm in Thailand


There are no exact figures on tiger population and tiger trade within Europe; Nobody knows how many animals are currently kept in Europe, how often they change owners and for what purpose they are used. Also their end of life remains uncertain, in the worst case they are killed and processed to “Tiger wine” or other traditional medicines.

The demand for questionable status symbols such as tiger skins and stuffed animals is growing especially in Indonesia. And the demand for pointless medical devices, such as tiger wine, pills or a paste made of soft-boiled tiger bone also. And, of course, the demand for jewelery products made from tiger bones and skin parts.


Our investigators have discovered that tiger dealers operating in Europe are ready and able to sell and transport tigers to Asia. In countries where the demand for body parts of tigers for medicine is still associated with massive suffering for the animals and the decline of the wild population. In addition, China wants to allow the use of tiger bones and rhino horn of captive-bred animals in hospitals (!!)

Almost everything that comes from the tiger is considered a valuable ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. For example, powder from tiger bone should accelerate healing processes, relieve rheumatism and help against malaria (!!!)
On the black market alone, the backbone of a tiger costs up to 700 euros.
China’s economic boom has spawned many new rich people who are now promoting the tiger wine boom due to prosperity. The demand for exotic preparations is increasing rapidly.


We must stop tiger trade. We can not allow that anymore! Call on the EU Commission to ban the trade in tigers!

Let us finally stop the #RuthlessTrade and together we call on the European Commission to prohibit the unscrupulous trade in tiger ➡️

Please sign the petition:


My comment for this day is only a video, from PETA.

Which again proves the sad fact that we, the human animals,  in terms of animal morality still live on the trees!



My best regards to all, Venus

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