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Target: Daniel Cameron, Attorney General of Kentucky

Goal: Punish man accused of stabbing and skinning several dogs.

Four dogs were allegedly killed and skinned in a horrific case of animal cruelty. A Davis, Kentucky caller sent state authorities to the grotesque and disturbing scene at the home of Jonathan Watkins. Watkins seemingly brandished a hunting knife and wore blood-stained clothes as police approached. Upon questioning, he allegedly confessed that he had killed and skinned four dogs to “make myself a doggy coat.”

The disturbing incident began when police responded to a complaint by Watkins’ neighbor. The neighbor reported seeing what appeared to be animal skins hanging from Watkins’ porch. Watkins had also allegedly bragged to this neighbor that he had been skinning dogs. This claim raised the neighbor’s alarm because several neighborhood dogs had apparently gone missing.

After officers talked to Watkins at his home, the suspect reportedly admitted to stabbing the dogs through the heart. He also apparently claimed “there isn’t anything wrong with me making myself a fur coat.” This case of animal cruelty is reportedly not even Watkins’ first brush with the law. A few years ago, he was accused of shooting and killing his stepfather, but the charges were dismissed.

Sign this petition to demand the legal system do its job this time and punish an atrocious act of alleged animal cruelty.


Dear Mr. Cameron,

Several years ago, Jonathan Watkins—a man accused by eyewitnesses of repeatedly shooting and killing his stepfather—walked away from prison time because a judge deemed he “was not criminally responsible.” State legal authorities then refused to seek an involuntary hospitalization that could have at the very least kept this potentially lethal man from inflicting further harm.

Fast-forward to today, and four skinned dog carcasses were reportedly discovered on Watkins’ property….and Watkins allegedly confessed that he did indeed slaughter and then skin innocent neighborhood pets. These animals deserve justice. This time Watkins must not be let off the hook if he is indeed found to be guilty as it seems.

Please prosecute Mr. Watkins to the fullest extent of the law…for the sake of his alleged victims and for the safety of any potential future victims.


[Your Name Here]



Petition Link –


Pass the Humane Cosmetics Act to Stop Cruel Animal Testing

A bipartisan bill could finally end cruel and needless animal cosmetics testing in the U.S.

Recently reintroduced, the Humane Cosmetics Act would not only save innocent rabbits, mice and other animals from being tortured and killed in unnecessary experiments, but it would also ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

Animals used in cosmetic testing are subjected to excruciatingly painful procedures, like being force-fed chemicals that make them bleed and convulse. The animals may have toxic substances painfully dropped in their eyes or applied to their skin, burning off their fur.

When the testing is over, they are typically killed by decapitation, neck-breaking, or asphyxiation.

“It’s long past time to end cosmetics animal testing in the U.S.,” said Representative Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), one of the bill’s co-sponsors, in a press release. “Not only is this practice inhumane, but it is also ineffective and costly. Companies across the U.S. now successfully use alternative methods of testing that more accurately predict the effect of cosmetics on humans. This bipartisan bill would protect innocent animals from needless abuse, while modernizing our cosmetics industry.”

Sign this petition to urge Congressional leaders to pass the Humane Cosmetics Act and finally stop the suffering.



Petition Link –

PETITION TARGET: District Attorney General Hon. Amy P. Weirich

In a grisly act of animal cruelty, a young woman decapitated her grandmother’s dog Lucy, carved up the animal’s body, and sent photos of the mutilated pet to relatives, reports KKTV 11 and WREG 3.

According to investigators, Smith beheaded Lucy and placed the dog’s head in a dresser drawer. Smith then allegedly cut out the dog’s heart and placed it in her grandmother’s freezer.

An unnamed neighbor stated that Smith had previously displayed alarming behavior while peering over the fence one night and staring at her dog.

“I asked her, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’” the neighbor reported. “She said, ‘Oh, your dog is cold. Your dog is cold.’ That’s the only thing she’d say.”

Smith has already been released on bond and must be prevented from harming more innocent animals.

Sign this petition urging District Attorney General Hon. Amy P. Weirich to to call for a strong sentence that includes intensive psychological treatment for Smith, as well as a lifetime ban on ever going near an animal again.

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