“Singing in the rain”!


Sydney News today: “Nothing kann stopp this!”



A massive wall of fire stretching for miles seen in this extraordinary video shot from a firefighting chooper.


And now the rain comes!!

Breaking: Thousands of people across Sydney are celebrating with cheers and laughter as rain falls across the city. Tonight the prayers of millions were answered. (!!!)

At high-density Bondi Beach in the eastern suburbs, people cheered mid-evening from balconies, as rain fell in the area. Sweet sounds of rain is music to everyone’s ears…

Update from the Bureau of Meteorology: “Tropical moisture could cause some much needed rain over…WA, SA, Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this rain will be heavy enough to put out the fires in south eastern Australia”.

According to the organizers, the Australian Open, which begins on January 20, the first tennis grand slam tournament of the year, is not in danger (!!!)



And I mean...So … the rain will probably solve the problem this time.
And after the rain is like before the rain.

The water is running out, even before the fires…

Australien4sheep mired in drainage canals at Lake Cawndilla. CREDIT:NICK MOIR


Australia has 160 million sheep and 24 million cattle, 100 liters of water a day needs one cattle, sheep slightly less. It doesn’t take much imagination what these millions of animals can do on the fragile ecosystem of the dry soil.

Even if half of it remains after fires and executions, including camels and kangaroos, the water will not be enough.
Not even for human animals.

Australien-What happens when the Darling River dries up? Because like all others rivers, it is pumped for industrial agriculture!


But Australia will continue to breed, torture and produce animals, and will remain among the largest “producers” and exporters of “cattle” worldwide.


Until the next biblical catastrophe comes.

Australia is firmly in the grip of the totally stupid Murdoch press and the lobbyists who want to sell their coal, and apart from these tycoons, nobody will benefit from this, the rest will be satisfied with prayer and rain which unfortunately cannot be bought.

My best regards to all, Venus

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