USA: Who is the USA Rubber Dodo ‘Eco Villain’ of 2019 ?


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It’s time to pick the most outrageous eco-villain of 2019, and we need your help.

See our nominees and click here to cast your vote.

For years we’ve given out our Rubber Dodo Award to spotlight those who are destroying wild places, driving species extinct, and tearing down the planet’s life-support system. Named after the most famous extinct species on Earth, this award does not come with a cash prize.

Last year, of course, the Dodo went to President Donald J. Trump — a no-brainer.

Previous recipients of the faux-accolade include Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (2017), Utah Congressman Rob Bishop (2016), Monsanto (2015), USDA’s Wildlife Services (2014), the Koch Brothers (2013), Sen. James Inhofe (2012), BP’s Tony Hayward (2010) and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (2008).

Learn more about this year’s nominees and cast your vote by Jan. 15. 


Who is the USA Eco Villain of 2019 ?

– Cast Your Vote here now before January 15th.

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Below are some powerful images by environmental activist Robin Wood however, shows the effects of man’s effect on the natural world in a exceptionally powerful way.


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Eco Villain 1

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Who wins the Rubber Eco Dodo Award ? – Is It :


David Bernhardt: For suppressing data showing pesticides harm at least 1,400 protected species, Trump’s interior secretary was under inspector-general investigation just four days after he got the job. A longtime lobbyist for polluters, he’s worked for decades to weaken the Endangered Species Act. As our interior secretary, he’s the ultimate fox guarding the henhouse. Bernhardt has launched an all-out attack on protections for America’s wildlife.


Donald Trump, Jr.: Donald the Younger’s never met an endangered species he doesn’t love to cuddle — once it’s dead. A trophy hunter of African elephants, leopards and Cape buffalo, he likes to have his picture taken with their bodies (once, holding an elephant’s severed tail). Recently, in Mongolia, he killed a threatened argali sheep — a species whose population had dropped 50% between 1985 and 2009.




Andrew Wheeler: Former coal lobbyist, now-Environmental Protection Agency chief, Wheeler apparently likes clean air and water about as much as David Bernhardt likes wildlife. A seasoned Beltway insider, he’s rescinded Obama’s Clean Power Plan, brutally overruled scientists, and gutted auto fuel-efficiency standards. He’s also slashed Clean Water Act protections, freeing up industry to destroy wetlands and dump toxic waste into streams across the United States.


Stephen Miller: This far-right advisor to the president is like the long-lost brain Trump never had. Sadly, that brain is racist. Miller has guided American immigration policy into the realm of outright inhumanity. His whispers in Trump’s ear are likely behind a ban on immigrants from Muslim countries, a shameful practice of removing children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, and construction of a destructive border wall across precious wilderness.


VOTE NOW ! – Before 15th January.


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