India: The Latest Wonderful Videos of Life Saving from ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – Enjoy !



Dear Mark,

Thank you for steadying our hearts with your determination to help the lives of animals, and to let this help be a profound purpose of your life journey. Every one of us who helps animals is given courage by the others who are doing it too.

Wherever you live, conflict looms and great surges of negativity fill the press and present the terrifying realities of suffering and war. As these political plates shift, we steady ourselves when we serve kindness to the most vulnerable.  Maybe, especially in those moments when we feel “what difference does it make?”, we need only look into the eyes–even in a photograph–of an animal trying so hard to heal, to be happy again, and we once more find our compass pointing to love. 


A hopeless puppy proves amazing things can happen!


Rizu lay unconscious with blood oozing from his nose after being hit by a passing vehicle. Our rescue team mustered up a shred of hope that he would live, but we were very worried he could not survive. We treated the tiny sweetheart with IV drips to stabilize his blood pressure and help replace lost blood. He was so disoriented, we feared he might have permanent brain damage, but by the next morning, Rizu was absolutely transformed. We’ve hardly seen anything like this–see if you agree.


Please donate to save a little life today. 



After double fractures of her hind legs watch Meetika run again!


This is one of the most delightful patients we have EVER treated. Meetika (which means soft and gentle in Hindi) was spotted in a roadside gutter after her hind legs were both fractured in a car accident. Despite her pain, she was the gentlest, most cooperative young lady, and helped her medical team by keeping perfectly still during her many splint wraps–except for her tail that wouldn’t stop wagging. 6 weeks of bed rest later, Meetika couldn’t wait to run to the caregivers who had come to love her so much.


For medical emergencies, kindness needs to come fast.  Please donate.



This little charmer wasted no time in healing, and lapping up love…

It was just a sprained leg but this little flirt had his neighbors very worried. We treated him for inflammation and pain, and he felt so much better within just hours. Sometimes pain relief and cuddles are the most important medicine of all.  


Please donate for cases big and small.


Meet the Caregivers:

Meet a Real Virtuoso: Mahendra!
The word “gentleman” is something Mahendra Gameti lives. Serving animals currently as one of the on-the-road rescue team, Mahendra’s extraordinary empathy sends a beautiful message of compassion to anyone who is witnessing his work. Rescue takes courage, coordination and technique, and to achieve it with such kindness and sensitivity is an art. And Mahendra is, simply, a virtuoso.

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