UK: British Animal Abuser ? – You Are Now Going On the Database – Overdue but VERY Welcomed !



WAV Comment – we fully support the work and efforts that are being put into this site. As the site says; there is ‘no excuse for animal abuse’. We welcome this work and especially think that the archives given will help many organisations with their work in fighting animal abuses.  This has been needed for a long time !


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The aim of The Cruelty List UK is to collect information on animal cruelty prosecution cases  in the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our case database #TheList already contains details of hundreds of convictions and, sadly, is  being added to all the time.

Each year the RSPCA investigates over 140,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect in England and Wales. The Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) receives around 1,000 reports of animal cruelty every week while Northern Ireland’s USPCA has averaged three reports per day since 2011.

In 2017 the RSPCA secured 1,492 convictions by private prosecution. Neither the SSPCA nor the USPCA bring prosecutions but still play a crucial role in bringing animal abusers to justice.

The main focus of the Cruelty List UK is on the abuse of companion animals – dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles and so on – though we also highlight prosecutions involving wildlife – badger crime, for example – and farm animals, including slaughterhouse cruelty.

Visit the site at Animal abuse is a serious crime worthy of harsh punishment


Animal abuse is a serious crime worthy of harsh punishment

As it stands punishments meted out by the courts to animal abusers are woefully inadequate with offenders commonly receiving suspended prison sentences, paltry fines and nominal bans on keeping pets. One of our key aims is to campaign for stronger penalties for animal abuse. A lifetime disqualification order should be mandatory in EVERY case. Are these people really capable of being reformed? We think not.

Why we ‘name and shame’

We think it important that the names and faces of convicted abusers remain in the public eye long after details of them and their crimes have been consigned to newspaper archives.

The information which we publish here may also be a useful resource for pet rescue organisations.



One thought on “UK: British Animal Abuser ? – You Are Now Going On the Database – Overdue but VERY Welcomed !”

  1. This is a very important step because: once abuser = always abuser. Abusers should be “kept an eye on.” The victims are helpless Earthlings.Abusers are always humans. Many abusers and murderers will remain off the record, many will go unnoticed,because some of the abuses and killings are “legal” : factory farms, slaughters in slaughterhouses, hunting, zoos, animal experiments. Because the writers of the law are homo sapiens sapiens who Speciesists are.


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