Sabra Hummus parent company ends animal testing


Hummus does not form a separate category in the vegan food pyramid, but it is hard to imagine everyday life for every gourmet. Unfortunately, our beloved dip has had a cruel connection to animal abuse.

The Strauss Group is the second largest food and beverage company in Israel and the parent company of the Sabra Hummus brand, which is also popular in Germany.
After discussions with PETA USA, the Strauss Group has now published a new company policy that experiments on animals are now a thing of the past.


Hummus fans can therefore be happy!!
The purchase of Sabra-Hummus will no longer help to starve, poison and kill animals.

In the past, experimenters funded by the Strauss Group at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem had conducted various animal experiments.
Mice were fed a low-fat, high-fat or ketogenic diet and had to starve for 12 hours at the end of the trial before being killed and dissected.
Some animals starved the experimenters 20 hours a day for eight weeks.

Maus mit verstecktem Kopf_o

Instead of animal experiments, animal-free methods could also have been used for the desired findings, and studies with volunteers also make sense here. The tests were only about common, non-toxic food ingredients – various studies carried out in this way have already been published.

PETA appeals to all food and beverage manufacturers who still rely on cruel, archaic animal experiments to follow the pioneering example of the Strauss Group. There are far better methods out there than these cruel practices.

With the decision against animal testing, the Strauss Group is now part of a growing list of dozens of large food companies that have also ended the horror in the laboratory in cooperation with PETA USA.

PETA USA contacted many of these companies because documents showed that animals were starved, poisoned, mistreated and killed. In such cruel experiments, thousands of animals have suffered and died over the decades. And all that so that companies could advertise with certain marketing terms. The products for which animal experiments were made ranged from pasta and chocolate bars to breakfast cereal or alcohol.


And I mean … The laboratory industry has not let animal testing out in any field. And in the case of foodstuffs in particular, it should be taken for granted that the results are not transferable.

Aspirin was developed 100 years ago, and if it were tested on animals today, it would fail. Because it causes embryonic damage in dogs, cats, monkeys, mice and rats.
The penicillin that saved humanity would not get approval even after animal experiments today, because it is deadly for guinea pigs and other nail animals.

Animal experiments feign security that does not exist.

Most experimenters still adhere to the stupid teaching of the French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650), who became known with the motto “cogito ergo sum” = I think therefore I am.
He claimed that animals are senseless and insensitive reflex automatons. He explained cries of pain from animals with mechanical processes like the squeaking of a machine.

Today, we know that there is no direct relationship between animal testing and saving a human being.
Animal experiments are false science and senseless cruelty.

My best regards to all, Venus

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