England: 26/1/20 – Doing Our Bit Today To Help With UK Garden Bird Survey.



We took part in the RSPB Big Birdwatch this afternoon (26/1/20)


to log all the birds visiting the (our) garden; just an hors monitoring selected at random over this weekend; but all the results from around the UK are sent in and analysed to put together a national ‘map’ of which bird species are on the increase or in decline.

Our hour started off really well with a visit by a Great Spotted Woodpecker – managed to grab a couple of quick, bad shots of him having a feast on the peanuts.





Lots of visitors over the hour including (more professional photos below) :





Great Tit

Image result for great tit


Blue Tit

Image result for blue tit


Long Tailed Tit






House Sparrow

Image result for house sparrow



Image result for starling


Collared Dove

Image result for collared dove

Magpie and

Image result for magpie



Image result for blackbird


It started to rain about half way through, which did not help; but we have now completed the results paperwork and it will be posted over the next few days.

An enjoyable hour just watching all the birds in the garden – amd knowing that your own watch results contribute to helping with the national survey of birds in the country. Would very much recommend –

Regards Mark


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