The real virus: human being

slogan über coronavirusng

Are you so selfish as to only stop eating the corpses of innocent animals solely out of fear of infectious diseases?
The consumption of animal body parts has been linked to diseases like mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu and, most recently, the coronavirus, whose origins are believed to trace back to a Chinese meat market in the city of Wuhan.
The virus has infected more than 2,700 people and killed 80 as of last Sunday.
Do we need a pandemic for the most selfish people in modern times to stop consuming animal flesh and secretions?
And what happens, if the pandemic is over?

Some people have suggested going “vegan” due to these concerns, but here’s the thing: there are no vegans out of FEAR, just like there are no vegans “for health” or “the environment”.

People go vegan for justice; plant-based for other reasons.
Veganism is not a diet, but a rejection of all animal use and exploitation for human purposes.
The reason why we defend the term veganism so vehemently is that the word is supposed to convey an ethical stance and defend the rights of the most innocent and oppressed: non-human animals. (Anonymous for the voiceless)


And I mean…Ultimately, from a political and financial perspective, it will be considerably cheaper to let a seriously ill, amoral and infantile society dissolve in indignation, agitation and victim mentality than to find new, climate and animal friendly ways to advance us as humans.

There is only one being who has the right to judge people: a being of great wisdom, foresight and infallibility. A being full of justice and kindness: one yourself!

Of course, there are always plenty of basics to “judge” others, but the important thing is that you can only judge others, yourself.

– Of course you should boycott China, they eat everything, you only eat the right ones: cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, fish, goats …

– The Chinese eat and torture dogs. We have decent factory farming here, but you`re against factory farming, love animals and that’s why you eat a little meat.

With a well-manipulated brain and conscience, such otherwise common viral diseases can lead to a welcome outrage and aggression that ultimately work in favor of the ruling animal exploiters.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “The real virus: human being”

  1. Animal Welfare is Propaganda Against Animal Rights. Animal Welfare is Propaganda for the More Comfortable ‘Treblinkas’, The Animal Rights Movement is for total liberation for both humans and animals.Animal welfarism is harm for Animal rights, harm for animals, harm for humans, harm for Planet, but useful for profiters , all over the world.


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