Denmark: Danish Prime Minister Breaks Into Tears Over Mink Culling – But Not Tears for the Mink.

WAV Comment: Denmark has made a 110% hash up of this right from the very start. A vote of no confidence in this woman sounds like a positive move. Does she shed tears for the 17 million Mink that have been murdered by her nations blood lust for a dying financial business ? – no; not for the mink but for the 6,000 fur farmers who are now being seen by the world for what they are.

UPDATE – 8/12/20 – this may be a good time to tell you, as we are on the subject of Danish mink; that we have still had NO reply from the Danish Ambassador in London re our letter of 12th November.

England: WAV Writes to the Danish Ambassador In London re Denmark’s Mass Mink Murders. – World Animals Voice refers.

We are nearly a month on from when the letter was sent. What is wrong with them we ask ? – does the lack of reply from a Danish official overseas (in the UK – London) maybe tell us that they do not know what to say really ? – all we want is a reply to our letter, but they seem unable to even do that.

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