The next victims: polar bears in Russia

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Because of an “invasion of aggressive polar bears” the authorities have declared a state of emergency on the Russian twin island Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean.

Dozens of bears had penetrated into residential buildings and public buildings, it was said on Saturday as a reason. Regional authorities issued an appeal for help. A delegation of experts wanted to make their way to the island with its approximately 3000 inhabitants, on which there are Russian Air Force and air defense troops.


A permit to shoot the bears was initially not granted. Polar bears belong to the endangered species and may not be killed in Russia. However, the regional authorities responsible for Novaya Zemlya in Arkhangelsk said that if all other means fail, the shooting of animals can no longer be ruled out.


A local report to the regional authorities said that since last December, 52 polar bears have regularly turned up in Beluschja Guba, the island’s main settlement.

Some of them attacked people (!!) Parents are afraid to let their children go to kindergarten or to school. Some bears would “chase people down,” (!!!) said local authority chief, Shiganscha Musin. He has lived on the island since 1983, but he has never experienced an invasion of so many bears.

The accelerated melting of ice in the Arctic as a result of climate change causes polar bears to spend more time on land. According to an expert from the Sewertsow Institute for Ecology and Evolution in Moscow, animals are increasingly moving south to seek food on land. The reason for the invasion was that they found food in the settlements. “As there are containers of edible waste, they stop wandering.” (AFP, dpa)

My comment: When people hunt bears and kill them for fun this we call trophy hunting and it is allowed.
When bears lose their natural ram by human hand and try to survive, then we call them aggressive beasts and they have to be shot dead.
Such is the fascist belief of the human species!

My best regards to all, Venus

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