England: Viva! Health May 2019 Newsletter.


Viva! Health May 2019 Newsletter.


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Something better change! 

New research shows that people eating red and processed meat increase their risk of bowel cancer even if the amount they eat falls within government dietary guidelines.


Vitamin C – are you getting enough?

Vitamin C is necessary for growth and repair. It helps make collagen, one of the basic components in skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. It is also needed for wound healing, for healthy bones and teeth and helps us absorb iron from our diet.



Fat lies and bad science

The pro-fat lobby are determined get butter, cheese and beef back on the menu. Bad science, poor journalism and commercial interests are at the heart of this issue which has left many people confused.


Feeding the planet

A new study investigates which foods are truly sustainable and can feed the growing population.


bienen-auf blumejpg


Beef up without meat

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t bulk up by eating muscle (meat). Muscles develop by being used and the best diet to fuel this is a wholegrain, vegan one. This 7-day menu plan will help you gain muscle mass in the healthiest way possible.


Dodge dementia through diet

Can diet protect our long-term mental health and prevent Alzheimer’s disease? There have been many claims but even though important, it’s not something that often comes up in the pub or over a family dinner. I had a look at the scientific research and it turns out, it’s not that complicated! The research all points in the same direction.


Bite-size fact

Probably the most nutritious, health-protective foods in the world, berries are true heroes. They contain a wide range of essential nutrients and a whole lot more – a wealth of health-defending antioxidants which have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties and are great for your digestive system.

Even though berries are sweet, they don’t contain much sugar because much of their volume is pumped up by water. What little sugar they provide is well-balanced by the amount of fibre in them so it’s a healthy equation. Berries won’t cause sudden blood sugar spikes and as such are a great food for diabetics.

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