Australia: Federal Elections 2019 – Saturday 18 May. Live Animal Exports A Big Issue



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The 2019 Australian federal election will be held on Saturday 18 May 2019

Hi Mark,

I wanted to take this opportunity to convey a very personal and heartfelt thank you. It’s because of you: your compassion, your commitment, your resilience, your heart-fuelled dedication to giving a voice to the millions of victims of the live sheep trade, that its end is now in sight this election.

Our work to end the entire live export trade is far from over. But ending the sheep trade will not only save millions of sheep from the cruelty of live export, it will represent a historic shift in political thinking towards dismantling the regulatory system that underpins all legalised animal cruelty.

While I have great hope that we’ll have reason to celebrate on behalf of animals after the weekend, I know that our greater journey together will also continue. That, regardless of the outcome of the election, we won’t stop until we have an end to all animal cruelty; that we all share an unquenchable thirst for a kinder world and an unshakeable belief in our capacity to make it so.

Thank you so much for your magnificent advocacy on behalf of all animals and for leading the way to a kinder world.

I feel absolutely honoured to be sharing this journey with you.

For the animals,

watch the video

P.S. Here is a heartfelt video message to you from my team in appreciation of your dedication, Mark.

Lyn White AM
Director of Strategy


Remembering Jill, and what she died for:





Regards Mark.

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